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Galaxy Note 8's Sky-High Price and Release Date Leaked

If you're hoping to get your hands on a Galaxy Note 8, be ready to shell out some serious cash.

Credit: Concept Creator-YouTube

(Image credit: Concept Creator-YouTube)

Samsung is planning 64GB and 128GB Galaxy Note 8 models for later this summer. And when those handsets launch, the 64GB model will cost $1,100, Korean site Osen is reporting, citing an unnamed Samsung official. Forbes reported on the Osen report.

At an $1,100 starting price, the Galaxy Note 8 would be the most expensive high-end smartphone on the market. The Galaxy S8+, for instance, costs $850. Apple's highest-end iPhone 7 Plus offering 256GB of storage costs $969.

This latest rumor follows an earlier leak from Evan Blass stating that the Note 8 would start at a more reasonable $900.

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It's unclear how Samsung might arrive at that higher price. The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to come with a slightly larger screen than the Galaxy S8+ but offer a similar design, complete with a curved screen that covers its face. Unlike the Galaxy S8 line, however, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be the first Samsung handset to come with a dual-lens rear camera — a feature found in several other flagship smartphones from other vendors.

Additionally, Samsung has already said that it won't be able to bake the smartphone's fingerprint sensor into the Galaxy Note 8 due to technical and security problems, so that added cost won't factor in.

The hefty price tag, then, suggests Samsung either might have some tricks up its sleeve that haven't been reported on yet or the rumored price could be wrong.

Fortunately, we won't need to wait too long to find out exactly what the Galaxy Note 8 will cost. According to Osen, Samsung is planning to launch the smartphone on August 26. The report has also confirmed that it will indeed come with a dual-lens camera, and will also offer 6GB of RAM, which should help it perform well with apps.

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  • Cawfeegirl
    No word on a micro SD slot?
  • Linked_1
    Seriously at a grand, for all the things the S8 can do would be a bargain. The note 8 can do even more. There is objectively no other consumer electronic device that can replace so many pieces of equipment the pro audio features alone are equivalent to more than a grand worth. Samsung already has the slimmest profit margin since their devices encompass so much more technology than the iPhone and even other android devices. The pixel was priced at 750 and you'd be hard pressed to argue that it's worth that much more than the one plus 3t which has superior hardware. The only thing the pixel offers over the one plus 3t is its camera. Galaxies in the other hand can be used by musicians and audio engineers, artists, photographers, and is even certified for use by the NSA thanks to Knox and all the optimization and security features it offers. The pixel runs stock android and can only run basic apps no better than an emulator in windows can.