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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Deals

The release of the Galaxy S10 is imminent and rumors and leaks surrounding the device means we'll be seeing deeper discounts on previous gen Galaxy phones. Although The Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best big-screen phones you can get. However, priced at $950, the Editors' Choice phablet is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market.

Fortunately, the Note 8 is no stranger to deals and can usually be found at a discount. As Samsung prepares to launch its new Galaxy S9 line at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the likelihood of finding better Note 8 deals is likely to increase. Below we're rounding up the best Note 8 deals we can find from every retailer and carrier so that you never have to pay full price for Samsung's head-turning phablet. 

Retailer Deals

On occasion, Samsung offers the Note 8 at a discount, but currently the only discount the manufacturer is offering requires a trade-in. If you have a smartphone you can sell, Samsung's trade-in credits range from $50 (for phones like the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S5) to $300 (for phones like the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8). In addition to the trade-in credit, Samsung also bundles a free pair of AKG Bluetooth Headphones (Y50BT), normally a $150 value. Otherwise, you'll pay full price ($950/$39.58 per month over 24 months).

It's worth noting that in the past, they've offered as much as $400 in trade-in credits, so we recommend you shop your phone around to see who offers the most for your used phone.

Amazon occasionally discounts its Unlocked Note 8, but currently it's only offering a $35 discount.

Provided you're in the market for a Note 8 tied to Verizon, you can get a lower monthly payment by shopping at Best Buy. The retailer sells the Note 8 tied to Verizon for $30.66 per month. Spread out over 24 months, that's a final cost of $735.84.

Galaxy Note 8View Deal

As for carriers, several factors go into picking out the right wireless provider, from who has the best coverage to which one offers the most attractive cellphone plan. But one of the first things you'll need to consider in this case is which of the Big Four carriers has a compelling deal for the Note 8. Here's a rundown of what's available today:

Plan on buying two phones? Pick T-Mobile

While most carriers are selling the Note 8 for $950, T-Mobile has a sitewide BOGO sale on various Galaxy phones, including the Note 8. Buy one Note 8 and you'll get a $750 credit (prepaid MasterCard) toward the purchase of another. Technically, it's not a true BOGO sale because you must still pay the remainder of the difference. Alternatively, if you only need one and have a phone you can trade-in, T-Mobile offers a $150 credit, though again we recommend shopping around your old phone for the best offer possible. 

Galaxy Note 8View Deal

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Want to Switch Carriers? Pick Sprint

You can also save money on the Note 8 if you switch to Sprint. Transfer your number over to that carrier, and Sprint will cut your monthly payment on an 18-month lease from $40 to $20. The good news is there's no trade-in required for this deal. The bad news is after 18 months, you won't own the phone, though you will have the option of paying off the balance if you want to buy it outright.

Galaxy Note 8View Deal

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

Need two phones? Pick AT&T

Like T-Mobile, AT&T has a BOGO promo for the Note 8. AT&T caps the credits on the second phone at $750, meaning it's not exactly a free phone. You'll also have to add a second line of service, and your credits are spread out over 30 months on your monthly bill.

Galaxy Note 8View Deal

Don't have a phone to trade-in? Pick Verizon

Priced at $960, Verizon has one of the highest costs for the Note 8. Opt for the 24-month plan and you'll pay $31.66 per month for a grand total of $759.84. This latter price doesn't require a trade-in, which makes it the best option if you want to keep your current smartphone.

Other Options: Xfinity Mobile and Regional Carriers

Xfinity Mobile sells the Note 8, too, though you have to be a customer of Comcast's internet service to also sign up for wireless with Xfinity. The phone costs $960, or $40 a month when you make payments over 24 months, with Xfinity offering a $200 gift card on the purchase of any Samsung phone. Xfinity also offers rebates when you trade-in a phone, but you have to visit an Xfinity store to get a quote in person.

C Spire and US Cellular are the other carriers offering the Note 8, but you'll need to live in their service areas to take advantage of their offers. The former has the phone for $929.99, whereas US Cellular charges $963.

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  • crash613
    So bottom line for a returning Note 7 owner is clearly to take the trade in deal... is it? not so clear. As a Verizon owner I was thinking that going through Samsung itself you get the $430 discount. Then it comes down to Verizon branded or unlocked.

    You didn't mention if the Unlocked version on Samsung's website would work for Verizon, or any US carrier for that matter. Based on the "Unlocked" title presumably it does; but i don't know that.

    Am I right to think in my situation i should go with and get the unlocked phone for use on Verizon?
  • armurp01
    I think samsung isn't doing trades on say your Note 3's or S3's....Im running a Note 3 w/Marshmallow and its great....but don't think I can trade it in.
  • armurp01
    Trade-in Deal is only for say your Note 5 and S5's.......Samsung doesn't seem to want to trade-in for per se a Note 3 or S3
  • jeffreyjriggs
    I'm in this predicament. I purchased a Note 3 from Best buy for $250 with a 2yr renew contract for sprint. Sprint no longer does that and I am having a tough time chewing $999 for a new phone. Albeit, I passed a few as I have the note 3 and I NEED A NEW PHONE!!!! my phone has been chucked, thrown, kicked and dropped many times. Never broke it in 3years until I took the ZAGG screen protector off.. 2w later, facepalmed it on the concrete and viola.. shattered every spot. not 1 spot was not shattered. Replaced the screen and now 4 times more... nicked the mic I think and I can really only use Bluetooth headsets/car for phone. so I need a new phone.

    I want the note 8 but cmon.. family man, kids in multiple sports, really.. I bought the wife an i7 hp envy with 16gb ram for $820!!!!! $999...cmon its a phone.. what to do ... what to do....
  • greytravels
    I too would like to know if I purchase the Unlocked version if it will work on Sprint and then later allow me to switch to a different carrier like T-Mobile.
  • greytravels
    Just read this on the Samsung site:

    1Wireless voice, data and messaging services on Samsung Unlocked Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge devices are compatible with most major U.S. GSM and CDMA networks. For these devices, wireless services are available on GSM networks such as AT&T and T-Mobile and CDMA networks such as Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular®.
  • Climberll
    Where can I purchase a Note 8, 128 gig, internal mem.? What are the odds of seeing an internal 256?
  • gboofb25
    US Cellular is selling them outright for $899 and doing $27 a month for installment pricing