Galaxy Note 8 Now on Sale: Take $150 Off at Best Buy

The Galaxy Note 8 commands a hefty price — more than $900 at most carriers. But if you've got a phone you don't mind trading in, you can save big bucks buying directly from Samsung.

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's GuideSamsung's latest rebate offer on the Galaxy Note 8 shaves up to $400 off the price of a Note 8 with an eligible trade-in phone. You'll need a newer phone to qualify for the maximum rebate — an iPhone 7 or later, a Galaxy S7 or later, a Galaxy Note 5, an LG V20 or last year's Google Pixel phones.

Older phones qualify for rebates from Samsung as well. Knock $300 off the $950 Note 8 if you've got an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus that you're willing to part with. Any Galaxy S6, Lg G6, or iPhone 6/6 Plus qualifies for a $200 rebate, while any Galaxy S5, LG G5, iPhone SE or iPhone 5/5s knocks $150 off the price of the Note 8.

Provided you're in the market for a Note 8 tied to Verizon or Sprint, you can get a lower monthly payment by shopping at Best Buy. The retailer is knocking $12.50 off the monthly payments for the Note 8 locked to Verizon ($26.50 a month) or Sprint ($27.50 a month). Spread out over 24 months, that's a $300 savings on the Note 8.

As for carriers, several factors go into picking out the right wireless provider, from who has the best coverage to which one offers the most attractive cellphone plan. But one of the first things you'll need to consider in this case is which of the Big Four carriers has a compelling deal for the Note 8. Deals ranging from price cuts to free phones after you buy the first model are available for the Note 8. Here's what we've seen at each carrier.

Buying the Phone Outright? Pick T-Mobile

While most carriers are selling the Note 8 for $950 to $960, T-Mobile offers the lowest price if you buy the phone in one fell swoop. You can pay $820 and walk away with a new Note 8.

That's not your only option at T-Mobile. Put $100 down and you can pay off the phone in $30 installments over the next 24 months. Still, if you're able to absorb the cost of the Note 8 all at once, T-Mobile's price is hard to beat.

A special offer currently available at the Uncarrier lets you get a second Note 8 for free when you buy the first one under an installment plan. You'll need to put that $100 up front on both models, while adding a new line of service for the second handset. You'll get your $820 rebate in the form of a MasterCard prepaid card that will arrive six to eight weeks later.

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Want to Switch Carriers? Pick Sprint

You can also save money on the Note 8 if you switch to Sprint. Transfer your number over to that carrier, and Sprint will cut your monthly payment on an 18-month lease from $40 to $20. The good news is there's no trade-in required for this deal. The bad news is after 18 months, you won't the phone, though you will have the option of paying off the balance, if you want to buy it outright.

Credit: SamsungCredit: SamsungGot a Phone to Trade-In? Pick AT&T

AT&T trade-in rebate isn't as generous as what Samsung is currently offering, but saving $300 on a phone that costs $949.99 at AT&T is nothing to sneeze at. AT&T says you'll need an eligible phone as your trade-in, though it doesn't specify which models qualify. You'll also get the rebate spread out over 30 months in the form of bill credits.

Like T-Mobile, AT&T has a buy one/get one free promo for the Note 8, though AT&T's version isn't as generous. AT&T caps the credits on the second phone at $750, meaning it's not exactly a free phone. You'll also have to add a second line of service, and your credits are spread out over 30 months on your monthly bill.

Want a Discounted VR Headset? Pick Verizon

Verizon has one of the highest costs for the Note 8, at $960 to buy the phone outright. Its monthly payments — $40 a month over the next two years — are pretty steep, too. And of this writing, there's no trade-in promotion to lower those costs.

If you're into virtual reality, though, Verizon may have something that appeals to you — a 50 percent discount on the $130 Gear VR headset when you buy a Note 8.

Other Options: Xfinity Mobile and Regional Carriers

Xfinity Mobile sells the Note 8, too, though you have to be a customer of Comcast's internet service to also sign up for wireless with Xfinity. The phone costs $960, or $40 a month when you make payments over 24 months, with Xfinity offering a $200 gift card on the purchase of any Samsung phone. Xfinity also offers rebates when you trade-in a phone, but you have to visit an Xfinity store to get a quote in person.

C Spire and US Cellular are the other carriers offering the Note 8, but you'll need to live in their service areas to take advantage of their offers. The former has the phone for $879.99 after a $50 online discount, whereas US Cellular charges $849.99.

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  • crash613
    So bottom line for a returning Note 7 owner is clearly to take the trade in deal... is it? not so clear. As a Verizon owner I was thinking that going through Samsung itself you get the $430 discount. Then it comes down to Verizon branded or unlocked.

    You didn't mention if the Unlocked version on Samsung's website would work for Verizon, or any US carrier for that matter. Based on the "Unlocked" title presumably it does; but i don't know that.

    Am I right to think in my situation i should go with and get the unlocked phone for use on Verizon?
  • armurp01
    I think samsung isn't doing trades on say your Note 3's or S3's....Im running a Note 3 w/Marshmallow and its great....but don't think I can trade it in.
  • armurp01
    Trade-in Deal is only for say your Note 5 and S5's.......Samsung doesn't seem to want to trade-in for per se a Note 3 or S3