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StraightTalk on the Touch Pro2

Like many HTC devices, the Touch Pro2 has a "G sensor" that can rotate the screen as you turn the phone in certain applications like the browser and photo viewer. It powers the Teeter game, which also showcases the haptic feedback, and there’s a wide range of games and utilities that turn HTC phones into spirit levels, stop watches, virtual dice, or 3D remote controls. A proximity sensor turns off the screen when you hold it up to your ear (to stop you from accidentally pressing the End Call button with your face). And the two sensors combine to turn the Touch Pro2 into a business-class speakerphone when you turn it over.

The calling features on the Touch Pro2 (which HTC brands as Straight Talk) aren’t only for business users, but they may appreciate them the most. Whenever you're on a call, just turning the phone over and putting it down on a surface turns on the speakerphone—and we’re not talking a tinny little speakerphone. Dual microphones and speakers with built-in noise cancellation give you really clear sound, and there’s a mute button on the back too. So if you're stuck in line waiting for your bank to put you through to a human being, you can turn on the speakerphone and then put them on hold yourself.

If you have an appointment with a phone number, you can dial the number on any Windows Mobile phone by clicking it, while the Touch Pro2 makes this much more obvious by creating a big green button that corresponds to the number for you to call. For that matter, the phone button next to the name of the person who sent you an email makes calling them a lot easier than pressing on his or her name in your address book. If you press the call button at the bottom of the screen instead, you get a list of everyone who got the email (and you can click Invite participants to add people from your address book). If you just want to get a few people on the same call, this is a very easy way to do it.

If you have a business conference call with both a phone number and a passcode to enter and you put them in the appointment, the passcode will stay on screen while the number is dialing, so you can type it in. It sounds like a trivial feature, but if you've ever had to grab a sticky note to write a passcode down (or recited the number to yourself over and over to try and remember it until you get on the line), you’ll find this feature very useful.

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  • kyeana
    Ill still stick with the pre
  • intesx81
    The Touch Pro2 is a hot phone. The local T-Mobile has been out of stock since the day it was available. Unfortunately there aren't enough complaining customers to make T-Mobile offer great upgrade pricing for people in the middle of their contracts. (Like AT&T and the latest iPhone) No phone is worth $500+ but for my needs (and wants) the Touch Pro2 is pretty close.
  • rcmaniac25
    I'll stick with my Storm until WinMobile 7 comes out and then I will decide if I should switch over.
  • pender21
    Why isn't Google Android taking off yet? Its been a disappointment.
  • kato128
    Got burned big time with windows mobile 6.1 on my HTC Diamond. Worst phone and interface ever. So they're really going to have to wow me to get me to get another windows mobile device.
  • captaincharisma
    that touch pro 2 is too bulky for me. i like a slim phone (i miss my moto RAZR) that's why after having to replace my touch dual i went with the HTC touch diamond because of of its slim size and is the same size as a kit-kat bar.
  • tanderskey
    the phone handsets sure are pretty. too bad they have WinMo stuck on 'em. i'd be down with basically anything but WinMo. chug, chug, chug, reboot. chug, chug, reboot. remove battery. chug, chug, yawn.
  • o0RaidR0o
    I love my Tilt phone running SPB shell :) Just waiting on the second gen Tilt 2 (touchpro 2). Screen size is important to me. You can see more in a single look, more room to type, enjoy media files, etc. Can't wait!