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The best ad blockers in 2020

best ad blockers
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It's not hard to see you might want to turn to one of the best ad blockers or privacy extensions. While online ads support the free-content model of the internet and subsidize many of our favorite websites, a badly designed or intrusive pop-up ad can disrupt your browsing. Even worse, tracking cookies and similar advertising trackers might make wonder if your privacy is being compromised. 

The best ad blockers and anti-tracking software let you block irritating ads, save precious bandwidth and opt out of intrusive marketing schemes. They can even block malicious ads that seek to infect your devices.

Whether you prefer to surf the web using your laptop or your phone, here's a closer look at the best ad blockers — both extensions and apps — that let you take control of your browsing experience. Just be aware that ad blocking takes away revenue from publications like the one you're reading and risk the ability of media to provide otherwise free content.

The best ad blockers you can get today

1. AdBlock Plus (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Android, iOS)

best ad blockers: adblock plus

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AdBlock Plus (ABP) is among the most popular ad blockers, with extensions available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. ABP features a quick setup, loading preset filter lists that allow users to quickly block most ads, as well as the option to filter malware and social media buttons. 

Savvy users can chose additional block lists as well as set custom filters or whitelist their favorite sites to keep their ad revenue in the black. AdBlock Plus allows what it calls "non-intrusive advertising" through filters; that may irk some users, though this feature can be disabled in settings. 

On Android, the AdBlock Browser provides a Firefox-based browser that blocks incoming advertising, while on iOS, the AdBlock Plus app integrates with the content blocker system to seamlessly block advertising on Safari with minimal setup.

Download AdBlock Plus: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer

2. AdBlock (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)


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AdBlock (no relation to AdBlock Plus) is the other best ad-blocking browser extension of note, available for users of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. AdBlock uses a series of filter lists to automatically block ad content coming from known ad servers and providers. Users can stick with the default block lists, subscribe to additional ones, or even create their own, as well as whitelist their favorite websites. 

As one of the most downloaded Chrome and Safari extensions, AdBlock has the trust of many users worldwide.

Download AdBlock: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge

3. Poper Blocker (Chrome)

Poper Blocker

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Rather than be an all-in one blocking solution, Poper Blocker (aka Pop Up Blocker For Chrome), is designed to complement other adblockers. 

In this case, Poper Blocker focuses on blocking pop-ups, pop-unders, overlays, timed and scroll pop-ups, and other varieties that might slip past other ad-blocking extensions. Small notifications tell you when pop-ups are blocked. You also can view your blocking stats, but otherwise, you can generally just keep Poper Blocker running in the background with minimal impact alongside other adblocker extensions.

Download Poper Blocker: Chrome

4. AdBlocker Ultimate (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

AdBlocker Ultimate

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AdBlocker Ultimate is a free browser-based ad blocker that makes a big deal about being beholden to no advertising companies, strictly letting no ads through. It also doesn't have any corporate sponsorships that let through whitelisted website ads. 

In addition, AdBlocker Ultimate blocks known malware, adware, and tracking domains. The add-on is available for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Download AdBlocker Ultimate: Chrome, Firefox, Opera

5. uBlock Origin (Chrome, Firefox)

Ublock Origin

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Ublock Origin is a browser-based ad blocker that focuses on simple, efficient blocking with a low resource overhead. The extension comes loaded with a number of filter lists for known advertising and malware sources, with extra filter lists available and the option to read and create your own custom filters from hosts files.

Download Ublock Origin: Chrome, Firefox

6. Fair AdBlocker (Chrome)

Fair AdBlocker

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Fair AdBlocker walks the line between blocking obtrusive pop-ups, overlays, and other obnoxious advertising while also attempting to allow in less obtrusive "fair" advertising from participating websites in order to support the web’s free, ad-supported content model. 

Instead of having a huge list of domains to block, Fair AdBlocker uses algorithms to figure out what to block, with a smaller whitelist of things to let through. Whether it's good practice to let whitelisted sites through, or a conflict of interest is something the user will have to decide, but Fair AdBlocker takes an interesting approach to keeping the most annoying kinds of ads out while trying to keep the internet as paywall free as possible.

Download Fair AdBlocker: Chrome

The best ad-blocking stand-alone applications

AdGuard (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

adguard ad blocker

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Uses looking for a more robust experience can try out the subscription-based AdGuard, which provides desktop and mobile options to reduce the ads you see when surfing online. 

AdGuard on Windows and Mac covers popular browsers, with highly configurable options for ads, content, and tracker blocking, as well as a parental controls module for restricting adult content. AdGuard for Android is a no-root ad-blocker that blocks advertising on apps and games, though you’ll have to install it from AdGuard’s site instead of through Google Play. AdGuard for iOS works with Safari to effectively filter ads on the default browser.

Download AdGuard: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

AdLock (Windows, $22 per year; Android, $11 per year)


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AdLock avoids the browser-based route, instead opting to run as a separate program to be able to block not only browser-based ads, but also advertising in other programs like Skype or games. 

The app runs in the background, using filters to block ads, popups, and autoplaying videos, speeding up loading times and applying Safe Browsing features to automatically block sites that are known to be unsafe. 

For obvious reasons, the mobile version is unavailable on the Google Play Store, so you'll need to sideload the app if you want to get AdLock into your Android device.

Download AdLock: Windows, ChromeAndroid

Ad-blocking mobile apps

AdAway (Android)


(Image credit: AdAway)

Android users with a rooted device can check out AdAway, a free and open source ad-blocker that works on the host's file level. That way, when an app or webpage makes a request to a particular ad provider, it instead goes to a blank IP address (, saving your bandwidth and keeping you from being spammed by advertising. 

AdAway lets you use hosts files from a variety of sources, or one of your making, with options to blacklist or whitelist particular addresses and add your own redirects.

You will need to allow installing third party apps (or download AdAway through the F-Droid app), as AdAway isn't available in the Google Play store.

Download AdAway: Android

1Blocker X (iOS)

1Blocker X ad blockers

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1Blocker was one of the first really good ad blockers on iOS when Apple opened up that functionality on iPhones and iPads, and 1Blocker X is an overhaul optimized for Safari. 

The app is designed to make browsing faster and more secure by blocking ads, popups, trackers and other online cruft. Rather than blocking content of a downloaded page, 1Blocker works with Safari's content blocker API to tell the browser what to block in advance, saving time and resources. 

1Blocker X features more than 115,000 blocker rules, custom regional adblocking settings, and easy-to-use custom rules settings. The app is a free download, with premium features available as in-app purchases.

Download 1Blocker X: iOS

Other privacy-focused extensions and apps

Firefox Focus (Android, iOS)

firefox focus

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Firefox Focus is another addition to Mozilla's family of browsers. This one's a privacy-oriented version of Firefox that bakes in ad-blocking and anti-tracking into a light and functional package. Firefox Focus blocks ads and speeds up browsing, while also working in privacy-friendly features like automatic history and cookie clearing. 

Users can selectively block ads, analytics, content and social trackers with easy toggles, turn on a "stealth" mode, and set a default search engine.

Download Firefox Focus: Android, iOS

Opera (Desktop, Android, iOS)

opera best ad blocker

(Image credit: Opera)

The Opera browser bakes in ad-blocking features into the browser without the need for an extra add-on, while also offering privacy-friendly tools such as an unlimited, built-in VPN service, incognito mode, fraud and malware warnings for suspicious links and pages, and more. In addition, you can further customize Opera's capabilities with a wide array of extensions. 

Mobile users need not fret, as the Android version comes with just about everything the desktop version has — you can see where Opera ranks among the best Android browsers — and a mobile-oriented version built for touch screen interfaces is available as Opera Touch.

Download Opera: Windows, Android, iOS

Privacy Badger (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

privacy badger ad blocker

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Privacy Badger browser extension was born from the EFF's concerns about the business models of some privacy tools and ad blockers. 

Privacy Badger functions similarly to extensions like AdBlock Plus (on which it was based), observing the various tracking tools that advertisers and other third parties might use to track your online activities and selectively blocking them from executing. Built-in learning algorithms adapt to the sites you visit and take any new tracking tools discovered into account. 

While not explicitly an ad blocker, Privacy Badger does also block some advertising, depending on how aggressively the ads track you across websites.

Download Privacy Badger: Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Tor Browser (Desktop, Android)

tor project browser

(Image credit: Tor Project)

The Tor network helps anonymize your internet activity by bouncing the data you send and receive through a distributed anonymous network of routers to foil a common online surveillance technique called traffic analysis, which can reveal the sites you visit or who you're communicating with. 

The Tor Browser (desktop) is an all-in-one package that includes everything you need to surf the net through the Tor network in an easy-to-install portable package. The package includes a modified version of Firefox with privacy aids such as NoScript baked in, and an automatic setup aid that makes it easy to connect to and create new Tor circuits. 

Tor Browser has officially launched on Android, replacing the previous OrBot + OrFox combination recommended for browsing Tor on Android.

Download Tor Browser: Desktop, Android

Onion Browser (iOS)

onion browser ad blocker

(Image credit: Onion Browser)

iOS users aren’t left out when it comes to browsing the Tor anonymizer network, with the Onion Browser among the more popular options on Apple’s mobile OS. 

Previously a premium app, Onion Browser has since moved to a donation model, opening up access to everyone who wants to download the app, without compromising security or features. The usual caveats apply: Browsing through Tor will slow down the web experience, and some features, like video streams and video files won’t work in order to preserve anonymity.

Download Onion Browser: iOS