LG is holding webOS24 hostage for a year before older TVs get the update

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LG is changing up its strategy on webOS updates as its 2024 TV lineup nears its official release, delaying any software upgrades on older TV models for a whole year. 

Spotted by FlatpanelsHD, who were privy to an event hosted in Frankfurt, Germany, LG is about-facing on its so-called “webOS reNew program,” which entailed updating its webOS platform on a 5-year cycle for older models. 

Now, it’s changing course and delaying all software updates for TV models from 2023 and later for a whole year. This means that newer models, like the LG G4 OLED and LG C4 OLED, will be the only TVs around that will use the more advanced webOS 24 software until 2025. 

The more advanced webOS 24 upgrade would invite new features on 2022 and 2023 LG TVs that include Chromecast support and a far more streamlined interface, making the change quite a bummer for consumers. 

LG’s webOS 24 switch up 

webOS timeframe represented by TV year

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On the heels of announcing pricing for its C4 OLED and G4 OLED TVs, LG plans to keep its upgraded and more advanced webOS platform hostage on newer models for an entire year — i.e. a TV bought in 2023 with WebOS 23 won't get the WebOS 24 upgrade until the year 2025. 

The TV manufacturer claims this is due to continued improvements on the side of stability on older hardware, as webOS 24 could prove to have a variety of setbacks on 2022 and 2023 TVs. 

This might prove to be a bit frustrating to consumers, who were looking forward to the upgrades, like Chromecast support and an improved UI. LG’s webOS 24 definitely brings some exciting changes to the mix, but LG could be trying to funnel new users into those models with its delayed software update. 

Tom’s Guide has reached out to LG representatives for comment. We’ll update this page when we hear back from them in regards to these webOS changes. 

Unraveling the Web(OS)

LG announced its webOS Re:New program in early January, citing in a press release that it aims to “invest heavily in its webOS business” and that it “will continue to evolve through significant upgrades.” The program promises up to 5 years of OS updates for older model LG TVs, keeping them fresh and renewed despite current releases. 

As far as we know, LG will still continue to uphold its word there and support TVs for five years of software updates. The only catch is that it will always be, at least, a year behind the latest version of WebOS.

The silver lining? As many as two upgrades were spotted over the past several months of 2024. This past February, LG gifted early access to webOS 23 for 2022 TVs. In January, LG OLED TVs from the same year also were updated to include improved UX, like a Quick Card UI feature and better security. 

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  • Chromejob
    This is pretty amateurish writing IMHO.

    LG isn't holding new features in firmware "hostage." They're likely focusing development on new 2024 model support and updates, and will reallocate software dev resources later in 2024.

    If you want to write with credibility and transparency, use realistic language. If you want to write fluff clickbait, use provocative headings that exaggerate and overdramatize the subject. (Yeah, I registered here this morning so that I could comment.)