LG OLED TVs are getting this great free update in 2024 — here’s the full list

LG C2 OLED TV streaming
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The arrival of a new year typically brings new TVs, but there's good news if you're not looking to spend right now. LG is offering a completely free upgrade of its webOS software on older OLED and QLED models. 

Announced in a press release, several LG TVs from 2022 will be getting heightened webOS updates that will improve overall user experience (UX) and the general interface. 

LG plans to release the update in early 2024 as part of its webOS Re:New program, which will include better interface customization, a Quick Card UI feature and improved security parameters, making these LG TVs feel fresh and new. 

These software updates come on the heels of its LG's 2024 TV lineup getting announced and just days ahead of tech’s biggest week, CES 2024

 LG 2022 OLED TVs pushed into the future 

WebOS upgrades 2022 TVs

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The latest version of LG’s webOS software includes a Home Screen redesign that will feature several content recommendations on the basis of the user’s preferences. The addition of a Quick Card UI will also make navigation between said content far easier, with sports, games, music and the like separated into specific categories.  

Personalization is at the forefront of LG’s webOS upgrade, as the new software update will allow users to more easily customize their home screen to better suit their needs. This means users can essentially better position certain services and selected content across the interface for streamlined access to all of their favorite entertainment. 

On top of all that, LG is also introducing several privacy measures and security updates to ensure that these models remain as secure as possible. While the software-bound upgrade can only go so far, LG claims there will also be stability improvements as well, thanks to the newly optimized OS. 

WebOS update LG 2022 TV

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The models that will be included in the update are primarily 2022 OLED units, which will be listed as follows:

- LG 2022 OLED TV lineup

- LG OLED Flex

- LG OLED Object Collection Posé

- LG QNED Mini LED 8K TVs (QNED99 and QNED95 series)

LG did not give a definitive date on when to expect these OS upgrades aside from early 2024, but with CES just around the corner the wait shouldn't be too long. 

LG did confirm that more OS and software-bound upgrades will be on the horizon as it "is poised to invest heavily in its webOS business."

LG at CES 2024

Beyond software upgrades, LG is going gung-ho on AI in 2024. The company just announced its 2024 TV lineup, which includes both the LG G4 and M4 OLED with serious AI upgrades, the entire breadth of which will be presented at CES next week. 

And if its incredible leaps and bounds in terms of TV tech wasn’t enough, LG is also set to debut a variety of awesome lifestyle concepts, too, like a small jukebox with an OLED screen, aptly titled the DukeBox, and an AI washer-dryer combo that can clean your clothes in less than 2 hours. 

A so-called “smartphone on wheels” is also set to be the talk of the town during CES, as LG unveils its next innovation in Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) with a full-width concept dashboard display and automotive entertainment system. 

Those in attendance at CES 2024 can get a taste of what LG has cooking this year amid its World Premier come next Monday (January 8th) at 8 AM PST or at its booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Stay tuned to our CES 2024 hub for all the latest announcements. 

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