LG is giving these OLED TVs a major upgrade — see if yours is on the list

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LG has finally updated its webOS platform on older OLED TVs specifically for those within its beta program. This early access to its upgraded software will allow 2022 LG OLED TV users to utilize webOS 23 as a trial run ahead of its official rollout after March 1st.

Announced in early January, LG aims to bring its latest webOS 24 platform to older LG TVs, starting first with its 2022 models. The update as of right now only includes the webOS 23 software, as OS24 will be made available following the launch of its 2024 TV lineup in March or April.

Users don’t have to upgrade to the new software, though, but the update will bring a slew of enhancements to these older displays. The new software update will include “quick cards” on the home screen for instant and easy access to specific content, i.e. “Music,” “Game,” etc.

The beta program concludes on March 1st, with an official webOS 23 rollout for all users scheduled for later in the year.

How to upgrade to LG’s WebOS 23 beta

LG's webOS23 beta program app as seen on an LG TV

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As already mentioned, LG’s webOS TV beta program is currently only available to LG 2022 Smart TV users. The program will last starting from Feb. 5th and end on March 1st, 2024. Users will have to install LG’s Beta Program app to their display in order to test the new webOS 23 software for themselves.

Once downloaded, follow the steps on screen to get the new update running, which should read as follows: SettingsHome ScreenNotifications. The notification should explain what the program is and what it will bring to your TV. 

LG 2022 TV models that have access to the webOS 23 early access beta include the following:

  • LG A2
  • LG B2
  • LG C2
  • LG G2
  • LG CS
  • LG LX
  • All OLED TVs

It’s unclear if the beta program is worldwide (as one Reddit user does claim that it is unavailable in Germany at the moment), but LG does provide a few helpful links for those based in both America and Europe for any additional questions users might have. Once installed, the webOS 23 software cannot be removed, so be prepared to keep the new program if you’re willing to try it out.

LG asks those that do make the leap to provide feedback on the new software through LG’s TV-based Beta Program app. It’s all apart of LG’s ongoing WebOS Re:New Program, which aims to improve OS updates and support to LG TVs four years after launch.

The company has been long committed to enhancing user experiences across its model ranges, as seen last year with updates to software on its 2020 OLED TVs. LG aims to bring webOS across a variety of devices, targeting an outlook of 300 million connected webOS TVs by 2026, as per its Q3 2023 financial results.

Why even upgrade to WebOS 23?

Beyond just getting a software upgrade at the earliest time possible, the new webOS 23 beta jump does bring several exciting enhancements to 2022 LG TVs. Most notable of them are the new home screen quick cards which gives users instant to their content of choice, whether that be ‘Movies,’ ‘Music,’ or ‘Games.’

LG’s webOS 24 upgrade will arrive following the release of its 2024 TV lineup, though LG has not yet confirmed if there was be a beta test on 2022 and 2023 models first before that rolls out officially. According to FlatpanelsHD, Chromecast support will also be coming to the webOS 24 platform and on older models, as well.

Although users don’t have to upgrade from webOS 22 to the newer version, it’s highly advised as you may want to have the latest software on your TV, especially with webOS 24 not far along. If not, you can always just buy a brand new LG TV and get a free three months of Apple TV plus instead of upgrading to the new beta.

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