Best Yule Log videos: YouTube, Netflix, Roku and 4K too

Best yule log videos
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Knowing that people will be looking for the best Yule Log videos online — as cord cutters lose access to the traditional TV broadcasts of burning logs on an open fire — I did the work of combing through three of the top destinations for such content to find the Yule Logs you should watch, and those you should ignore.

What I've learned in the process is that YouTube and Netflix are the best options, though the former is admittedly not a perfect choice for most. Unless you have YouTube Premium, your hours of Yule Log streaming will be interrupted with ads. 

Many of the best streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video have their own Yule log channels, too. Apple TV Plus is also among the ranks where you can easily find a Yule Log.

So get your cocoa and chestnuts ready, dear reader, because I've found the best Yule Log videos for your holiday season. There's even one from Michael Bublé. 

Best Yule Log videos on YouTube

If you want a Yule Log video that's pretty good at giving you burning logs in a fire place and the sounds they make, this video from Virtual Fireplace has you covered. It's probably got the best and most easily heard crackling noises, so you don't need to max out the volume on your TV — which makes for a rude awakening if you change the channel. 

The only downside of this video is that it maxes out at 720p.

Duration: 2 hours

If you're more interested in visuals than sounds, this video — which has stronger-looking (more oranges and yellows) flames is probably your best bet. Not only do these flames look great, but it's streaming in up to 1080p too, so the logs are clear. Compared to our first pick, though, its sound effects aren't as pronounced.

Duration: 10 hours

What if you want something a little extra? Hallmark has a Yule Log with both a cat and dog, which will either be great for those who don't have a pet of their own, or for those who would find it funny if their own pets were trying to interact with the on-screen animals.

Duration: 3 hours

If you want top picture quality, but would rather holiday music than crackles and snaps, Michael Bublé has you covered. This Yule Log video combines a gorgeous 4K Yule Log with 19 holiday songs from the crooner. Songs include "White Christmas" (a duet with Shania Twain) and classics including "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."

Duration: 1 hour, 5 minutes

Best Yule Log videos on Netflix

Netflix provides three Yule Log offerings, all from the same brand: Fireplace For Your Home. Here's a breakdown of how they differ

Fireplace For Your Home has three "episodes," and the first gives you traditional Yule Logs burning with festive Christmas music in the background. Episode 2 swaps out the Yule Logs for wood, and episode 3 is basically the first episode with a denominational soundtrack.

Fireplace For Your Home Birchwood Edition

Fireplace For Your Home Birchwood Edition (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Then, there's two other options on Netflix, and both are in 4K UHD: Fireplace For Your Home: Classic Edition and Fireplace For Your Home Birchwood Edition. They differ only in the wood being put aflame (classic is normal wood). Neither has a musical soundtrack, but they are my personal picks for the best Yule Log videos.

Duration: 1 hour each

Best Yule Log videos on Roku

I hate to say this, but saying "best Yule Log videos on Roku" is like saying "best terrible slice of pizza." Compared to what I found on YouTube and Netflix, Roku's free options are only interesting because of that lack of price tag. 

The best of them all isn't even from Roku, but one I found in Roku's search. That's The RiffTrax YuleLog (2 hours), which is free on Tubi. Its visuals are OK, and there's some verbal riffing going on, as is the RiffTrax way.

Best Yule Logs

RiffTrax YuleLog (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Then there's the offering from the Roku Yule Log Channel (15.5 hours), which is so low-fi that I thought it was supposed to be recreating what it was like to watch the original Yule Log broadcast. Looking at the fine print, that does not seem to be the case.

If you like your Yule Log with a side of saccharine, there's something called The Official Holiday Yule Log Fireplace  (30 minutes) which is festooned with flair. If the flaming wood were more visible, I'd be more positive, but this is very light on the Yule Log.

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