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Best Android torrent apps in 2020

best android torrent apps
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Install one of the best Android torrent apps on your smartphone, and you can make the torrent downloading process as painless as possible. But which app is best suited for the job at hand?

First, a refresher: the BitTorrent protocol allows users all over the world to download and share data by farming out file distribution and hosting to users instead of relying on a host or mirrors. BitTorrent has made it easier to download music, videos, software and other media. And now, you can do it all right from your smartphone or tablet with the help of readily available apps that can download BitTorrent files.

Before you start downloading, be aware that torrents can hide nasty malware. Whatever you do, don't accept an .exe download that's billed as a downloader or accelerator. You'll also want to make sure you have one of the best Android antivirus apps installed on your phone. (We recommend BitDefender Mobile Security.)

Here are the best Android torrent apps for safely and securely navigating the world of torrents.

The best Android torrent apps you can download right now


best android torrent apps: Flud

(Image credit: Delphi Softwares)

Flud may be of more recent vintage than more famous bittorrent clients such as Vuze or µTorrent, but it more than holds its own as the best Android torrent app. 

The latest version of Flud sports a clean Material interface, comes with no speed limits for uploads or downloads, and includes such staples as selective file downloading and prioritization, magnet link support, sequential downloading support and a Wi-Fi only mode. You can also dig deep into more advanced functions, in case fiddling with router port forwarding is your idea of fun. 

The free version of Flud is fully functional, while a paid version removes advertisements for $1.49.


best android torrent apps: libretorrent

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LibreTorrent is an excellent free Android torrent app based of libtorrent, providing users with e torrent downloader that’s free of both ads and gunk without skimping on features. 

Users can set the download directory (and automatically move completed downloads), configure network usage, set the app to torrent only when connected to Wi-Fi, set download priority and sequence, and support for scheduling and streaming. 

Extreme configurability and ease of use makes LibreTorrent an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful, user-friendly Android torrent app.


best android torrent apps: torrdroid

(Image credit: IntelliGems)

TorrDroid is a relatively new entry in the mobile torrent apps field, offering a solid raft of features without costing you a buck or throttling your speed in the free version. 

The app features a built-in torrent search engine, magnet link support, options for individual file and sequential downloads, upload and download limits, and a toggle for torrenting only through Wi-Fi. 

Get the free version of TorrDroid if you don't mind ads, though a $1.99 in-app purchase gets rid of those.


best android torrent apps: WeTorrent

(Image credit: Tap-Mobile)

Another best Android torrent app to look at is WeTorrent. This free, ad-supported app handles torrent files and magnet links with equal aplomb. 

Users can set the app to download torrents only over Wi-Fi, as well as manage their downloaded files straight from the app, though if you want a more robust feature set, you'll want to spring for the premium upgrade. 

WeTorrent's $1.99 upgrade removes advertisements, while extending support for sequential downloads, download priority, proxy support, and an auto-shutdown feature that kills the app when your torrents are done downloading.


best android torrent apps: zetatorrent

(Image credit: teeon)

zetaTorrent combines a custom in-app browser with a torrent downloader to automatically download torrent and magnet links that you tap on, for a seamless online torrenting experience. 

Users can configure upload and download limits, port mapping, and RSS feed support (notification of new torrents, limited to one feed in the lite version). Assuming your phone is running Android Lollipop or later, torrented files can be downloaded to an SD card. 

zetaTorrent comes with a built-in file manager for organizing your downloads. The pro version, which costs $2.99, removes limits, such as for RSS feeds (and enables auto-downloading), and includes proxy support and IP filtering.


best android torrent apps: atorrent

(Image credit: Mobilityflow torrents)

aTorrent is a free, ad-supported Android torrent client that covers a good spread of basic torrent features. Users can open up a torrent search dialog, with support for magnet links, as well as set the download folder and have multiple downloads running in parallel. 

A partial download feature lets users specify individual files to download in a torrent. Helpful features for mobile users include a Wi-Fi only mode to minimize 4G data usage, and the option to pause downloads when your device isn't plugged in to external power. 

While aTorrent is ad-supported, users can buy a $1.99 Pro key to disable ads.


best android torrent apps: ttorrent

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tTorrent has abandoned the idea of speed capping, and now runs as a free, ad-supported Android torrent client that comes with built-in search, magnet link support, RSS functions and download controls. More technically inclined users can also tinker with settings for IP filtering, proxy support and more. A premium version removes advertisements for $1.99.


best android torrent apps: µTorrent

(Image credit: BitTorrent)

µTorrent is a popular desktop torrenting app, and it also has a pretty decent Android client, making it one of the best Android torrent app options. 

The Android app cover the basics, with unlimited download speed and file sizes, torrent search, configurable upload and download limits, partial downloads, support for magnet links, and RSS subscription support. The app is Wi-Fi only, making sure that you don't burn through your mobile data budget. 

Updates keep adding new features such as saving to external SD cards, an integrated media player for playing your downloads right from the app, a media library and a dark mode, among other usability features.


best android torrent apps: BitTorrent

(Image credit: BitTorrent)

BitTorrent also features its own resource-light torrenting app for Android devices. What some users don't know is that since BitTorrent acquired µTorrent in 2006, aside from cosmetic differences, both apps are near identical in features and back end code. 

Like µTorrent, the BitTorrent app has unlimited download and upload speeds (with configurable throttles), no limits on file sizes (save for your internal storage of course), RSS subscription support, and support for external SD cards and an integrated media player. 

As for choosing one or the other? Well, if you like green, use µTorrent, and if you prefer purple, take BitTorrent.


best android torrent apps: frostwire

(Image credit:

While it began as a fork of the P2P sharing program LimeWire, FrostWire has since transformed itself into a BitTorrent client with built in media-player functions. 

Besides your basic torrenting features, FrostWire includes a torrent search function, a built-in media player that supports streaming play of torrents in progress, as well as a basic file manager, making it an interesting all-in-one choice for those users looking for an app that will find, play, and manage their torrents and media downloads.


best android apps: checkerty

(Image credit: Checkerty)

A combination of desktop downloader app and mobile remote, Checketry turns your mobile phone into a remote download manager for your torrents, file transfers and even tracking of game downloads from some of your favorite platforms like Steam and Origin. 

Users can monitor downloads for free, but upgrading to a premium subscription for $2.99 per month adds features like remotely stopping and restarting downloads from the mobile app, setting a shutdown timer, and desktop sleep mode prevention. Your subscription also removes advertising.


best android torrent app: transdrone

(Image credit: 2312 Development)

Transdrone and its bigger brother Transdroid allows users to take control of their torrent client software remotely, whether installed on a PC or mobile device. 

The apps take advantage of the web interfaces built into many torrenting apps to provide remote control. Where Transdrone and Transdroid differ from other remote control apps is the apps' all-in-one nature, with support for popular apps such as µTorrent, Vuze, Transmission and Deluge. 

Transdroid includes extras such as torrent search and RSS support.


best android torrent apps: vuze

(Image credit: Azureus Software)

Depending on whom you ask, Vuze on desktop is either a feature-packed torrent client, or a bloated multimedia monster. The free Vuze Android app, on the other hand, is a refreshingly no-frills torrent downloader, making it one of the best Android torrent apps.

Vuze on Android is an ad-free experience that includes a built-in torrent search, a Wi-Fi-only mode, and configurable upload and download limits. Users with funky network settings can configure the incoming port Vuze uses, and the app can be set to play a sound or notification when downloads are complete.

Vuze Remote

best android torrent apps: Vuze Remote

(Image credit: Azureus Software)

Rather than turn your smartphone into a portable torrent machine, you can instead use it to control the torrent app from your desktop remotely. Vuze Remote works with Vuze on your desktop to manage your torrents, allowing you to adjust upload and download speeds and file priorities, search for torrents on your phone and then push them to your desktop or laptop for downloading. 

Vuze Remote is a versatile tool that serves as a remote torrent manager app, and it even plays well with the Transmission torrent app, if you prefer that instead of Vuze.

Transmission Remote

best android torrent apps: transmission remote

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Alternatively, instead of something like Vuze Remote, you can use a dedicated Transmission remote management app like Transmission Remote. That Android torrent app allows you to control the desktop installation of Transmission from your smartphone. 

Once you’ve enabled remote control within Transmission, you can connect with Transmission Remote to view your active torrents, control speed and priority, pause, resume and delete torrents, add torrents, and manage multiple Transmission servers.