Google Pixel 8a last-minute rumors — 4 things you need to know

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We're a week away from the May 14 start of Google I/O 2024, which also means we're likely a week from the Pixel 8a reveal. Google's next midrange phone typically makes its debut at the company's developer conference, so there's no time like the presence to get up-to-date on the latest Pixel 8a news and rumors.

Google's A series phones offer many of the same specs and features as the flagships Google released the previous fall. In this case, that's the Pixel 8 flagships, which gives us a pretty good sense of what the new phone will look like. And since the Pixel 8a is likely to adopt the Pixel 8's Tensor G3 chipset, a lot of the capabilities coming to the new phone are easy to figure out, too.

But there's a lot more to know about the Pixel 8a ahead of next week's likely launch. Read on for what you may have missed before Google launches the Pixel 8a. 


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Google Pixel 8a price: Last-minute rumors

One of the appealing things about Google’s Pixel A series is paying less than $500 for a phone that still sports some premium features, particularly when it comes to camera capabilities. Just before the Pixel 8a launch, we've gotten some good pricing news — if the report is accurate.

Let's start with the bad news first: an early pricing rumor pointed to price hikes in Europe for the Pixel 8a, suggesting that prices were going to go up in other regions. Since the Pixel 7a costs $499, that would have meant a price higher than that magical $500 mark.

But just last week, a tipster with a good reputation for phone rumors placed the Pixel 8a's price at the same level as the Pixel 7a. We'll find out which rumor is right soon enough, but for now we choose to hold out hope that the Pixel 8a price remains unchanged from before.

Google Pixel 8a: Durable and colorful

Leaked alleged image of the Google Pixel 8a from the back

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Just last week, a product information sheet leaked out showing off four colors for the Pixel 8a with a matte finish. The pages claim that the Pixel 8a will be coming out in black, white, blue and mint, matching earlier reports about the phone's colors (not to mention the options for the Pixel 8 Pro). It’s also a colorful difference compared to the 7a which came in Charcoal, Snow, Sea (light blue) and Coral. 

Made from recycled materials — the product information sheet doesn't specify which parts — the Pixel 8a is supposed to be more durable as well. It will feature Gorilla Glass 3 and is listed as having IP67 water-resistance. The sheet describes the phone as the most “durable Google pixel ever.”

Seven years of Android security support 

One of the biggest questions heading into the upcoming Pixel 8a launch is just how much security and software support Google plans to offer for its new phone. The Pixel 7a gets three years of Android updates, along with two additional years of security updates. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro enjoy a generous seven years of both.

So where does that leave the Pixel 8a, which will have the same system-on-chip that powers those Pixel 8 models? A recently leaked Google ad promises seven years of security updates, matching the Pixel 8 flagships. But the ad doesn't say if that applies to software updates, too. Hopefully, Google clarifies this point when it announces the new phone.

“AI-mazing” updates

Google Pixel 8 shown held in hand

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Unlike Samsung's new Galaxy AI push, Google's been touting the AI capabilities of its phones for a while. On the Pixel 8, those features include Best Take, where you can swap in faces to improve your group shots, or a more natural sounding assistant when using the Call Assist feature. 

Presumably, those features are going to be headed to the Pixel 8a, too, courtesy of the Tensor G3 chipset that's expected to power this phone. And maybe Google might add new capabilities to some of its tools to mark the new phone's launch. Circle to Search — a capability that Google developed with Samsung — has found its way to the Pixel 8, so we imagine the Pixel 8a will get that one, too.

Pixel 8a outlook

Google has set a pretty high bar for its midrange A-series line of phones. Whether or not the Pixel 8a is the last A series phone, it looks like the Pixel 8a might be able to stand up to that standard, especially thanks to these last-minute rumors

We’ll know more when Google shows off its new phone, most likely in a week's time. Certainly by the end of the month, we should have a better idea of just what kind of device Google has come up with.

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