Watch out, Apple Vision Pro — Meta and LG teaming up on new Quest Pro headset

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According to a new report, Meta is allegedly teaming up with LG for future Quest Pro headsets.

South Korean news outlet Mael Business Newspaper (via UploadVR) suggests that Meta is teaming up with LG to work on the next Meta Quest Pro. The partnership with LG allegedly involves tapping the latter’s subsidiaries to create the new headsets. 

This isn't the first time this partnership has been hinted at, as another South Korean news outlet named SBS Biz reported that Meta and LG began discussing a partnership last year. The discussions allegedly centered on Meta aiming to secure LG’s microdisplay technology for future headsets.

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The Meta Quest Pro 2022 (pictured above). (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Price-wise, the report claims the Quest Pro headset arriving in 2025 will cost about $2,000. Interestingly enough, the report also says Meta will drop a lower-end Quest unit in 2024 that will cost less than $200. As The Verge notes, that price is questionable considering how the Meta Quest 2 costs $299 and the new Meta Quest 3 will cost $499. That said, if this report is accurate, perhaps Meta figured out a way to make a more budget-friendly VR device.

As for the premium headset’s name, the report claims it might be called “Quest 4 Pro.” However, given how Meta currently keeps the Quest and Quest Pro lineup numbering separate, this might not be the name of the final product.


None of this is official so it’s best to take all the information in this report with a grain of salt. That said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Meta team with LG. After all, Xiaomi manufactured the Oculus Go while Lenovo co-designed and manufactured the Oculus Rift S. If history repeats itself, we might see LG branding on the alleged headset releasing in 2025.

The reported $2,000 price tag is interesting since that’s currently twice as much as the current Quest Pro released in late 2022 (which originally cost $1,599). While $2,000 is certainly a steep price, the headset will still be more affordable than the $3,499 Apple Vision Pro — which the report suggests Meta is positioning its headset against.

The high-end VR market appears to be heating up. The Apple Vision Pro is the current talk of the town, but reports suggest that Samsung and Google are also working on similar devices. This reported LG Quest Pro would be another contender. Stay tuned for more news as we hear it.

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