Tom Holland coyly teases a potential Euphoria cameo

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Update: Euphoria season 3 needs to answer these questions

Tom Holland is just like all of us in that he loves Euphoria (probably helps that he's dating series star Zendaya). But that's not news. What is news is that he's just teased a potential appearance in Euphoria season 2, while noting that he'd love to appear on the series. 

When asked what TV show ("past or present") that he would want to guest star on, in a video for the BuzzFeed Celebrity YouTube channel, the Spider-Man: No Way Home star immediately started gabbing about Euphoria. We've embedded the video below (jump to the 5-minute mark), so you can see Holland (surrounded by adorable dogs) talk about Euphoria.

After saying he would be "a really good Maddy," (which makes us wonder what his love life has been like), Holland notes that he "visited a lot while they were shooting" season 2 and that he "would love to guest star." And this is where things got (playfully) interesting. 

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After he said he would like to guest star, Holland said he's also down to "just be an extra in it, or maybe I am and you just don't know." He may have just been joking around, but at this point we're sure that the MCU star knows how much a single sentence can set the rumor mills ablaze.

And with those words, our Spidey-senses were tingling at the possibility of a Tom Holland in Euphoria-crossover that may have gone undetected. Was he one of the dancers in Lexi's play in last week's episode?

Or, and this is a big "or," are we going to see Tom Holland show up in the Euphoria season 2 finale? While all eyes are truly fixed on Fezco's house, as we hope he survives the likely raid on his drug business and makes it to Lexi's play, it would be amazing if Tom Holland shows up out of the blue. A much more welcome cameo than that time Ed Sheeran showed up in Game of Thrones.

So, do you have any ideas for where Tom Holland would fit into Euphoria? Would he make a good fit for the third Jacobs sibling? Let us know in the comments below. 

Euphoria season 2 episode 8 arrives this Sunday night on HBO Max, which starts at $9.99 per month for its ad-supported tier.

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