Euphoria season 3 needs to answer these questions

Angus Cloud as Fezco in Euphoria season 2
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We already know that kids from Euphoria High will return in Euphoria season 3 (which better not take until 2024), but I still can't wrap my head around what happened in the Euphoria season 2 finale. 

I loved episode 7, and my voice is still recovering from cheering during Ethan's iconic performance to Bonnie Tyler’s "Holding Out For a Hero." But in my opinion, the last episode simply wasn't as impressive as the rest and failed to meet my expectations (expectations in teen dramas rarely live up to our hype, even in the best shows to watch while we wait for Euphoria season 3).

Don't get me wrong, there was a good balance of sentimental moments and nerve-racking scenes, and as usual, amazing cinematography. The only downside was the fact that it failed to address a ton of questions that have been driving the Euphoria fandom nuts throughout the entire season. I'm still struggling to justify the decision to give Elliot's song so much unnecessary screen time while we were all anxiously waiting for answers.

So, in spirit of the upcoming season, I'm hopeful that by 2024, fans will finally get more clarity on some of the most curious moments from previous seasons. Below, I've summarized what I want to see next season, including fan theories and speculation based on the events that took place in the season 2 finale.

Beware of spoilers below

What’s next for Fezco? 

One of the highlights of the recently concluded season was how much it made us fall in love with Fezco’s character. Despite his obvious flaws, being a notorious drug dealer and all, we frequently saw how protective he is of his family and friends.

Fez’s unlikely friendship (and potential romance?) with Lexi was one of the defining moments of season 2. So naturally, we were all extremely worried as to what could have kept him from attending Lexi’s play. 

Maude Apatow as Lexi and Angus Cloud as Fezco in Euphoria season 2

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Unfortunately, now that we know that Ashtray had been killed during a shootout with SWAT and that the injured Fez was presumably arrested, we’re left with even more questions than before. 

So going into season 3, I’m itching to know just how much trouble Fez is in, and what condition he’s in after being shot in the abdomen during the crossfire. Not to mention that we’re still not sure whether or not Fez’s unconscious grandmother survived the SWAT raid.

Will Nate finally get what he deserves? 

The latest season painted Nate Jacobs in the worst of colors. After he threatened Maddy with a gun and played it off as a “joke”, there weren't enough TikTok videos in the world to scream that we need poetic justice for everything that Nate’s done and probably still intends to do. 

I hope that Nate finally gets what’s coming for him, but it’s hard to say whether the next season will actually include this narrative. However, there’s multiple theories floating around that are actually quite believable. 

Alexa Demie as Maddy Perez in Euphoria season 2

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For example, multiple fans have previously pointed out that during “the gun scene” in Maddy’s room, we can clearly see a poster hanging on a wall that says “Smile, you’re on camera,” which leads us to believe that Maddy could’ve been one step ahead of Nate this entire time just to wait for the right moment and finally get revenge. Either way, I can’t possibly imagine how satisfying it would be to finally see Nate behind bars. Maddy did say that she had a plan for how to handle Nate.

Who is Nate’s estranged brother? 

This debate has been discussed all over Reddit, Twitter and TikTok for a while now. Ever since we first saw a glimpse of Nate's family portrait, we clearly saw a third child in the picture. And the question of who it could be still remains unanswered. 

People are speculating that it could be Elliot, the recently-deceased Ashtray or even a new character portrayed by Tom Holland. For now, the most likely answer is Elliot. 

I’m not ready to put the Tom Holland rumor to bed just yet

Personally, I doubt that it could be Ashtray since he had just tragically died in the season 2 finale. If there was a connection there, I’d imagine we would have seen a big reunion while the character is still alive. 

But as absurd as it may sound, I’m not ready to put the Tom Holland Euphoria cameo rumor to bed just yet. After all, the Spider-Man star has often talked about his wish to be cast in Euphoria in a number of different interviews. And he's even hinted that he was an extra on the show and we probably haven’t noticed just yet. 

Is Rue really on the right track to stay clean? 

Ah Rue. Between her downward spiral into a full-blown addict, her reveal about Cassie’s affair with Nate and the frequent flashbacks showing how she grieved her father’s death, this past season has truly seen Rue hit rock bottom. 

Zendaya as Rue in Euphoria season 2

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And yet as the season drew to a close, we were glad to see a recovering Rue putting the effort into reaching out to her younger sister Gia and even making amends with Elliot. And although she still couldn’t quite bring herself to forgive Jules, Rue reveals in the dying minutes of season 2 that she was able to stay clean for the rest of the school year. 

Still, as much as we wish that Rue’s troubles are behind her, it’s hard to ignore the fact that she still owes Laurie the drug dealer $10,000 for losing a suitcase-full of illegal substances. It remains to be seen how long Rue will be able to stay clean and keep herself out of trouble with such a big problem hanging over her head. And I hope we're not waiting until 2024 to find out.

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