This TikTok oven cleaning method has gone viral — and we tested it ourselves

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TikTok is providing more and more cleaning hacks; one of its latest viral videos shows us how to clean the oven overnight. Cleaning the oven is always a dreaded chore which usually takes a lot of chemicals and elbow-grease, so I was curious to see what it recommended as it’s trending so well. I had to smile when I discovered it’s a very, very similar method to what we suggest. 

Essentially, all you need is baking soda, dish soap, water and white vinegar — all things you can find in the kitchen cabinet. You mix the first three into a paste, apply it to the glass door and interior, leave it overnight, then spray it with vinegar and remove it in the morning. Our method is almost identical — minus the dish soap — and it works just as well.  


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In fact, our method on how to clean an oven includes step-by-step guidance on how to clean the racks as well using some dishwasher detergent. Simply place the racks into your sink or bath tub and fill with hot water until they're just covered. Then mix a cup of dishwasher detergent with water to pre-dissolve it and add it to the water. Following this, leave it to sit for 8 hours or overnight. Any residue will scrub off with ease afterwards. If you have a pyrolytic or steam clean function, our article will explain those too. 

Should I use this method or my oven's self-clean function?

You should always follow what your manufacturer recommends in terms of maintenance, so if your oven comes with a pyrolytic or steam clean function, start with those. You should also check your manual for any other cleaning guidance in case it doesn't recommend using the above products. If no advice is given, then feel free to dive straight into our method! 

As an oven will reach 900 degrees fahrenheit during a pyrolytic cleaning function, this is naturally the strongest self-clean setting and will reduce any food debris to ash. However, if your oven is particularly dirty then we wouldn't recommend running it, as it will produce excess smoke. Best to start with our method in that case.

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