This is the one iPhone accessory I can't live without

iPhone 13 Pro Max charging with MagSafe battery pack
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Despite my iPhone 13 Pro Max being one of the best phones in terms of battery life, it feels like it’s always on the verge of dying.

That’s by no means a fault of the device — it’s my on-the-go schedule that often leaves me separated from regular chargers. Pair that with requiring GPS to get around the city and recording hours of footage per day for the Tom’s Guide TikTok channel, and it makes sense why I’m perpetually low on juice.

Someone tell this woman about portable chargers, right? I promise I’ve tried many portable charging banks over the years, but have found most options that offer substantial charge are bulky. Walking around with my phone tethered to a cord, tethered to a large charger, is awkward. 

But thanks to MagSafe, there’s finally an elegant solution. While I’ll never forget the iPhone battery cases, last available for the iPhone 11 series, Apple offers a sleek alternative for the MagSafe-equipped iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups. 

Apple MagSafe battery pack

(Image credit: Future)

The Apple MagSafe battery pack is a game-changer. When my iPhone 13 Pro Max is running low, the wireless charger can offer up to 40% more stamina (the additional charge percentage is higher the smaller your iPhone, and it’s compatible down to the iPhone 13 mini.)

I appreciate how the battery pack effortlessly snaps into place on the backside of my iPhone, without adding much extra heft. As someone whose phone is practically glued to their hand, I've become a fan of the MagSafe charger’s slim design.

It definitely doesn't charge my phone as quickly as the the Apple 20W charger with USB-C, but it keeps my iPhone alive on those days I'm out and about for hours. When I do eventually get home, I can charge my handset and the battery pack back up with the stationary 20W charger at my desk. 

Apple MagSafe battery pack — is it worth it?

I've found plenty of reasons to love the Apple MagSafe battery pack, and only one reason not to — the price. At $99, it's more expensive than many of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases and other iPhone accessories. Though, note I further customized mine with this $25 Star Wars-themed MagSafe battery pack case from Casetify.)

Do I think it's worth it? Totally, especially because it seems MagSafe isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The iPhone 14 lineup should feature MagSafe, and MagSafe could ultimately be the key to the portless iPhone.

But If you were hoping to get the MagSafe battery pack experience for less, I've tested an alternative that's actually has a larger, 5000mAh battery capacity. The Anker 622 Magnetic Battery costs $69 on Amazon, and even features a stand that can prop your iPhone up. (Admittedly, the stand isn't substantial enough for the Pro Max iPhone models, but it worked just fine for my colleague's iPhone 13 Pro.)

If I could only use one between the two, I'd probably stick to the Apple MagSafe battery pack, since Apple-made accessories have a tendency to work better with Apple devices. Not to mention, I like the look of the Apple logo on the back on the cell.

Yet for $30 less, the Anker model is an excellent choice, and has quickly become a go-to gift choice for my friends and family who own MagSafe-compatible iPhones. It might also see a discount with Prime Day deals — Tom's Guide will be sure to call the sale out if it happens.

Kate Kozuch

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