The Zanco Tiny T2 is the world's smallest phone

(Image credit: Zanco)

This is the Zanco Tiny T2, a phone just a little bit bigger than your average USB memory stick. Its manufacturer claims it’s the smallest phone ever. It looks the part.

To start, the company claims the Zanco Tiny T2 only weighs 31 grams (1.09 ounces) and measures an absurdly small 2.4 x 1.18 x 0.65 inches.

Fully funded in Kickstarter in a single day, the Zanco Tiny T2 has a lot of functionality for its minuscule size: a 7-day standby battery life, camera (which at this size could probably qualify as a spy cam), video recorder, Bluetooth 3.0, MP3 and MP4 player, FM radio, calendar, text messaging, and up to 32GB of storage if you use a Micro SD card. And it can make calls, of course.

Obviously, all of these functions are quite limited given its size. The display is only 120 x 96 pixels. That’s enough to play Snake and Tetris if your eyes are sharp enough — both included in the phone — but not much more. 

(Image credit: Zanco)

The camera is also very low-end at 0.3 megapixels, but obviously you are not buying this to take Instagram photos and Facebook selfies.

The phone doesn’t have LTE support, only 2G and 3G. But it should work all around the world. It’s functional to be just that — a phone.

(Image credit: Zanco)

The price? Just $130. If Zanco had a keychain model, it would be a nice emergency phone. Zanco claims that the phone will start shipping in April. If you are  (understandably) suspicious of its Kickstarter shipping claims, Zanco already has another tiny phone on the market, released in 2017 and available for $50 in Amazon

On the other hand, maybe you can find a second-hand Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE close to that price if you really want a secondary phone option available at all times.

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