The Mortal Kombat movie trailer is officially here and it's all kinds of violent

Mortal Kombat Trailer
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Editor's note: The official Mortal Kombat movie trailer is now out, so no more Russian translation is required! We've embedded it below!

The first Mortal Kombat trailer has arrived and it's giving the people what they want: gore and more gore. And Goro. Oh, and hide your kids, because this is a red band trailer — which means it's not for young ones — and hit play.

Mortal Kombat arrives on HBO Max on April 16, and in case the leaked Russian trailer has anything this one doesn't we're holding onto that copy for as long as it stays online. So, click Play below and shout "Get over here!"

The clip shows Sub Zero on a furious hunt, ripping limbs off in his quest to capture Cole Young (a character made just for the film). After his chilling moves, we see Scorpion go for the kill with his flying spear.

As for the leaked Russian clip below, it came from Redditor u/holy_writer00

One eagle-eyed Redditor u/LordNoituac666, poined out that the Noob Saibot and Reptile are hidden Easter eggs in the trailer.

While much of the dialogue for characters including Sonja Blade and Lui Kang is dubbed over in Russian, you don't need to speak the language to get the gist.

Red band trailer in russian from r/MortalKombat

You'll also see Raiden, and a whole lot of chasing and fighting.

Mortal Kombat is just the latest in HBO Max's sprint of big name films that are hitting the streaming service at the same time as their limited theatrical release. Most recently, HBO Max dropped Judas and the Black Messiah, which is already gobbling up prestigious award nominations.

We're not sure Mortal Kombat will get the same acclaim. But wow it looks fun.

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