Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 leak just revealed bold new design

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 leak
(Image credit: @TheGalox_)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has long been tipped for a summer launch alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and now we have what appears to be evidence that the two new foldable phones are nearly ready for their release dates.  

The leaked images, which appear to be sourced from a promotional Samsung video, come via YouTuber @TheGalox_ and show a bold new look for the foldable flip phone. 

It seems that Samsung is planning to adopt the distinct two-tone look made popular by the Google Pixel 2. A black bar at the top of the phone contains the dual-camera setup, while there’s a solid block of color underneath. 

The leaked image shows beige, gray, dark green and light violet shades, but display expert and leaker Ross Young says this is only half of the colors you can expect when the phone emerges, with black, dark blue, white and pink hues also available:

Looks aside, the biggest change in terms of usability seems to be the front screen, which now lives inside the black band to be hidden in plain sight. It’s now large enough to preview a fairly long message without needing to open the phone up. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

(Image credit: @TheGalox_)

While the front screen was present on the previous two Galaxy Z Flip handsets, its utility was distinctly more limited. As this official promotional image from Samsung’s previous generation shows, there just isn’t that much room for text on the original’s 1.1-inch, 100x112 display, and seeing anything but a word or two requires an awkward swipe. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

(Image credit: Samsung)

That’s not to say that the feature wasn’t useful — we were especially keen on its use as a mini viewfinder in our Galaxy Z Flip review — but there’s no doubt that clearer notifications when closed will be a huge asset for a handset that prides itself on portability.   

Another image, shared by leaker @Rodent950, shows the same area used for controlling music, which is a nice touch. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

(Image credit: @Rodent950)

The final Galaxy Z Flip 3 shot shows the phone alongside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, suggesting the two will debut at the same event. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

(Image credit: @TheGalox_)

Both devices are widely tipped for a July release, a prediction reiterated by Young in the earlier tweet. Of course, Samsung could still unveil the devices sooner than that, and the fact that the promotional video is already in production suggests we could get our first official look at both phones soon. 

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