Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 just leaked on Samsung's website

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
(Image credit: OnLeaks/Pigtou)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has been prematurely confirmed. But it’s not come courtesy of a tech leaker, but rather an accidental posting on one of Samsung’s support pages. 

A support page for the Galaxy Tab S7’s model number was posted on Samsung Germany’s website, which GSMArena worked out is Samsung’s upcoming tablet thanks to cross-referencing the model number with a recent Geekbench leak. This not only further confirms the Galaxy Tab S7’s existence but would suggest it is on the way sooner than later. 

The support page has now been pulled offline. But it seems like Samsung was a little slow as the accidental post was spotted by keen-eyed Samsung tech followers. 

Given the model number can be linked to the Geekbench listing, it pretty much confirms that the Galaxy Tab S7 will indeed make use of Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 865 Plus chip. That chip is also slated to power the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, further suggesting that Samsung’s next flagship phone and tablet are going to be serious mobile powerhouses. 

And the Galaxy Tab S7 will need to bring plenty of power, as it’ll lock horns with the iPad Pro 2020. Apple’s tablet uses an A12Z Bionic chip, which delivers very impressive performance based on our own testing. 

However, the Galaxy Tab S7 might have one ace up its sleeve in the form of 5G connectivity. While it’s far from widespread at the moment, people who want a super-fast cellular connection while on the move will be pleased. 

Galaxy Tab S7

(Image credit: Pigtou)

According to the leaks we’ve seen so far, the Galaxy Tab S7 is expected to sport a design that’s not too far away from its iPad Pro rival, with models sporting 11-inch and 12.4-inch displays with slim bezels. 

Coupled with a powerful system-on-a-chip and an improved S Pen, the Galaxy Tab S7 is shaping up to be one of the best tablets of 2020, But we’ll have to wait for its launch, likely in August, before we know for sure what the flagship Samsung tablet will bring to the table.  

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