Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 will fight iPad Pro with this big upgrade

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Of all the things Samsung is set to unveil at its upcoming Unpacked event, we assumed the Galaxy Tab S7 was the least likely to come with any surprises. After all, previous leaks have detailed pretty much every aspect of the tablet and its bigger brother, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

But now MySmartPrice has revealed an unexpected but extremely welcome upgrade. The tablets will reportedly be the first to launch with Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 865 Plus chip, rumored to be launching next month

The evidence comes via a Geekbench listing for the SM-T875 (the model number for the Tab S7). The database entry shows a processor where one of the cores is clocked at 3.09GHz – a decent boost on the 2.84GHz that the current Snapdragon 865 caps at. 

In practice, this gives the Tab S7 pretty enviable scores: 971 for Geekbench’s single-core test and 2,984 for its multi-core one. For comparison’s sake, scores for the Tab S6 seem to range between 720 to 750 for the single-core test, and 2,300 to 2,500 for the multi-core one. So it's a decent speed boost.

These scores are still well behind the results for the the iPad Pro 12.9 we reviewed. Apple's A12Z Bionic-powered slate scored 1,126 on the single-core test and 4,720 on the multi-core portion. But at least it looks like Samsung is closing the gap — and there are other notable upgrades on the way.

The listing also points to 8GB RAM for the tablet, so we can add that to the list of specs already revealed by the earlier leak: a 120Hz screen, bundled S Pen and 7,760mAh or 10,090mAh battery (depending on whether you opt for the regular Tab S7 or the S7 Plus.)

Yes, if earlier reports are to be believed, then there won’t be a great deal of difference between the 11-inch Tab S7 and the 12.4-inch Tab S7 Plus other than screen and battery size/ It’s the same way that Apple treats size differences in its iPad Pro line.

Speaking of the iPad Pro, Samsung’s S Pen is also rumored to be getting an upgrade to bring it in line with the Apple Pencil’s 9ms response time. True, this rumor specifically relates to the Galaxy Note 20, but we’d hope the upgrade would apply to the Tab S7 too, given it’s also getting a 120Hz screen, where users will really feel the difference. 

All will be revealed soon. Samsung’s next Unpacked event is reportedly scheduled for August 5, though given we’re already expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G to feature, it wouldn’t be wholly surprising if Samsung unveiled the Tab S7 via press release earlier. It’s what the company did with last year’s Tab S6, after all.  

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