Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra images leak — and they appear to be legit

Reported Galaxy S24 Ultra photos
(Image credit: @DavidMa05368498/X)

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra may be arriving sooner than expected, according to some rumors. But we might have already gotten our best look at that upcoming phone, thanks to some leaked images claiming to show the new Samsung handset in all its glory.

Posting on X, the website formerly known as Twitter, user David Martin showed off images of a smartphone, claiming that they’re the unreleased Galaxy S24 Ultra. While you should always view photos like that with a healthy dose of skepticism, these particular images became more credible after Ice Universe, a leaker with one of the better track records when it comes to detailing upcoming Samsung devices, vouched for their authenticity in a separate X post.

The images clearly show a device that looks identical to the Galaxy S24 Ultra renders that have appeared recently.. The handset features a flat design on both the front and back, along with what appears to be a titanium design. On the rear, you’ll find the long-rumored five-camera system, along with decidedly squared-off corners.

Reported Galaxy S24 Ultra photos

(Image credit: @DavidMa05368498/X)

It's unclear how the device in the photos was obtained and whether it’s a working unit. However, all signs point to it being a legitimate look at the Galaxy S24 Ultra  and confirming many of the rumors we’ve been hearing for months. Exactly what’s hiding inside, and whether any major changes are coming to the display, however, can’t be confirmed by the contents of these photos.

Galaxy S24 rumors have been coming fast and furious in recent weeks as Samsung reportedly ramps up for a Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event for January. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will apparently run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and reportedly offer a 144Hz refresh rate for the smartphone’s 6.8-inch screen. Samsung is also rumored to be replacing one of the 10MP zoom lenses on the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 50MP telephoto lens; it also could offer a larger main camera sensor.

It's notable the image leak points to a flatter screen design in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This week, another X user who goes by the handle @roderSuper, said their sources had claimed Samsung was opting for a curved screen design around the bezel. If the images leaked to X are the real Galaxy S24 Ultra, it would suggest Samsung has instead opted for a flat design.

Past Ultras have featured curved edges, though largely for aesthetic reasons. That approach makes the phone look thinner with smaller bezels. But it also leads to accidental screen touches, and it can make screen repairs a challenge; screen protectors are also hard to apply on curved displays.

Whatever the case, we won’t have long to wait for answers. Samsung is expected to hold its next Unpacked event in January and could launch the Galaxy S24 lineup, including the high-end Galaxy S24 Ultra, by the end of January.

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