Samsung Galaxy S22 rumor predicts the upgrade we've been waiting for

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Update: Charging for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is also set to hit 45 watts.

Samsung is not really the company to go to if you want the absolute fastest phone charging imaginable. But that might be about to change with the Samsung Galaxy S22.

According to reputed Samsung leaker Ice Universe (via MyFixGuide) the company is testing faster charging speeds for possible use with the S22. Apparently 25W, 45W and 65W charging are in the cards.

samsung galaxy s22 charging

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While companies like OnePlus or Huawei have been pushing the limits of what fast charging has to offer with upwards of 65W speeds, Samsung has not. In fact, it seems to have deliberately avoided offering faster than 25W speeds with its most recent devices.

As rare as it has been, Samsung has offered 45W charging in the past. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra both offered 45W charging speeds as an optional accessory, only for Samsung to ditch it when the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra launched last year. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra maxed out at 25W as well. 

Such speeds have only ever been offered on those two models, which were the most expensive of their respective ranges. Their cheaper counterparts were stuck with 25W. It’s not clear which S22 would get the faster speeds, though we can hope that the base-level S22 model can get in on that action.

At the very least we should expect the Samsung Galaxy S22 to offer 25W fast charging. It’s been the minimum speed for the past couple of years now, and the last time Samsung offered anything slower was the 15W fast charging offered with the Galaxy S10 range. 

But considering FCC listings for the Galaxy S21 FE mention 45W fast charging, it’s certainly possible that the regular S22 would get the same treatment.

Still, if 45W speeds might be on the cards for the Galaxy S22, what does that mean for the Galaxy S22 Ultra? Samsung has a habit of offering rather enticing upgrades to the Ultra model — the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s S Pen support is a great example. So should the S22 get 45W charging, it wouldn’t be far fetched to hope that the S22 Ultra gets faster 65W charging.

It’s impossible to say with any level of certainty right now, considering how little we’ve heard about the Galaxy S22 range. And how far away the presumed launch date is likely to be. 

Still, considering it’s been two years since Samsung gave its flagships a charging speed boost, don’t you think it’s about time it happened again?

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