What goes into a $9k mattress? Purple shows us with new ultra-luxury line

Purple Grand mattress
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Purple has expanded its mattress range to include three new ultra-luxurious models that promise the best sleep of your life... if you're not lying awake in a panic about how much you've spent. The new Luxe collection includes three models with prices starting at $4,299 for the smallest, cheapest model and going right up to an eye-watering $13k for the biggest, fanciest one. 

Great sleep is worth prioritizing, and we always say it's worth spending a bit more in order to get the best mattress you can afford. These are pricier than many of today's best luxury mattress models, though, so you might want to hang on for a Purple sale before you take the plunge.

Wondering what could warrant such a lofty price point? The top-end model in the Luxe range is the Purple Grand mattress, which includes "layers of state-of-the-art technology that deliver life-enhancing sleep". This is something of a Frankenstein's monster of mattresses, in that it includes a little bit of everything. Springs, latex, foams, gel grids... you name it, the Grand has it. Let's take a closer look.

Cross section of layers inside the Purple Grand mattress

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At the top, there's a quilted cover. So far, so normal, though in this case it's black, because at some point someone decided this would be the signifier of all premium mattresses, with no regard for anyone who might like to use pale-colored sheets. Beneath this top cover is a layer of cushioning foam followed by a layer of latex. (This is the only one of Purple's beds to use latex.) Together, these layers are designed to deliver luxurious comfort. 

Below the cushioning layers, we're into GelFlex Grid territory. Essentially a stretchy, elastic grid that'll mold to your shape and bounce back instantly when you change position, the GelFlex Grid is Purple's USP, and it appears in all of its mattresses. 

The Luxe range has an upgraded version called the 'GelFlex Grid Plus'. Quite how it has been upgraded is a mystery, but Purple promises "maximum support and pressure point cradling". And instead of just one layer, the Purple Grand has two, totaling 3.75 inches of springy, pressure-relieving goodness. Each Grid sits on top of a foam layer, presumably to add a bit more stability to the whole structure. 

Purple GelFlex Grid

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We're seven layers deep and not quite done yet. At the base of all this you'll find steel coils, arranged into five zones for targeted support, and reinforced around the perimeter to provide a sturdy edge for getting into and out of bed. Typically in the best hybrid mattresses, springs bring sturdiness and a touch of bounce, as well as making the sleep surface a bit more responsive and easier to move around on.

It is worth the money?

Purple has certainly thrown a lot at this model, so is it worth the investment? We're definitely intrigued. We've been reviewing and writing about mattresses for years now, and it's worth pointing out up top that 'more layers' does not always equal 'more comfort'. Consider Tempur-Pedic – these are some of the most popular luxury mattresses, and they're relatively straightforward in terms of design. It's all about the cushiony comfort of that Tempur material. 

That said, there's plenty that sounds promising about the Grand (and its marginally more affordable siblings, the Supreme and the Deluxe). We haven't had a chance to try these beds out yet, but we have been very impressed with the Purple mattresses we have got our hands on. In our Purple Plus mattress review, we found the Purple grid really shines when it comes to pressure relief, making them an outstanding choice for anyone who struggles with sore joints. It also does so without trapping body heat, which can be an issue with some memory foams. So we're intrigued by this new, "more substantial" version of the grid, which we'd hope brings the same cool cushioning but with a little boost in support.

Purple Grand mattress, 3d render in a bedroom

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We're also curious about the addition of latex. Latex is kind of like memory foam's fancier, pricier cousin, and natural latex is commonly found in today's best organic mattresses (although note that there's nothing to say this is natural latex; it might be a blend, or it could even be entirely synthetic). Talalay latex – the kind used here – is the more premium type of latex foam, with a bouncy, soft, even structure that's perfect for comfort layers. This is the only one of Purple's mattresses to use latex.

It's also worth reiterating that we fully believe in investing as much as you can afford in a mattress that's as high quality as possible. $9K is a lot of money, but you might easily spend that amount on, say, a new car. You're going to be spending a lot more time on your mattress than you would in any car, and good quality sleep has proven benefits in terms of physical and mental health, performance and general wellbeing.

One area where we think Purple does need to sort itself out is its extras. While a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty is acceptable (although not especially generous) for a mid-range mattress, it's downright stingy on a premium model. Two of our favorite mattresses, the Saatva Classic and Nectar memory foam, come with a full year's trial period and lifetime warranty. Both of those are far cheaper than Purple's Luxe offerings. 

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