PSA: You should buy a PS5 before 2025 — here's why

ps5 vs ps4
(Image credit: Sony)

You’ll want to track down a PS5 restock before 2025, as that’s when Sony is officially calling time on the PS4

In a financial presentation, Sony outlined that it plans to throttle down PS4 game releases running up to 2025. And that’ll mean in around three years time there will be no more games released for the PS4 or PS4 Pro

Now, that doesn't mean you won’t be able to buy some of the best PS4 games — it just means there won’t be any cross-generation releases as we currently have for the likes of Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring

Given the PS4 was released in 2013, this will give it a lifespan of some 12 years, so it’s had a rather long life; even longer than the PS3, which managed a lengthy 11 years. 

This isn’t hugely surprising, given the PS4 was one of the best selling Sony consoles ever, shipping a massive 117.2 million units, and sporting an enviable library of exclusive games, not least 2018’s God of War and From Software’s Bloodborne. And it still holds its own today, running some of the best PS5 games, albeit at less impressive settings and frame rates. 

Given how hard it is to find a PS5 in stock, even some 18 months into its lifespan, there are still a lot of PS4 players around. Putting aside that loading times can feel sluggish, the PS4 still makes a solid 1080p resolution gaming machine. 

Having said that, the games library of the PS5 is building out, with great titles such as Deathloop and Gran Turismo 7 showcasing scintillating action and lovely graphics, plus fantastically fast loading times. So while you’ll still be able to get some life out of your PS4 for the time being, now is a good time consider to hunting down a PS5, even when there are rumors of a potential PS5 Pro

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