PS5 just got an HDR upgrade — but only with these TVs

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If you want the very best PS5 gaming experience you’ll need to have a Sony Bravia XR TV, all thanks to Sony’s new “Perfect for PlayStation 5” initiative. 

If you are lucky enough to have found a PS5 restock and have Sony’s stellar games console, as well as a Bravia XR TV, then you’ll be able to access ‘Auto HDR Tone Mapping’ and ‘Auto Genre Picture Mode.’

These two rather dully named features actually promise some visual upgrades to the PS5 gaming experience. Auto HDR Tone Mapping automatically selects the best HDR setting for the specific Bravia XR TV during the PS5’s initial setup. The idea here is it’ll help optimize colors and contrast to get the most out of a TV’s panel and ensure that a game’s details are picked out in full. 

Auto Genre Picture Mode detects whether a person is playing a game or watching a movie via the PS5’s Ultra HD Blu-ray player. In short, when the PS5 is switched on it'll automatically select a TV’s Game Mode when gaming to enable low-latency gaming, but when a movie is being watched, a TV’s Standard Mode is selected to ensure picture processing is given priority. 

Image of Sony Bravia TV with PS5

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Both modes could be a boon for PS5 owners who don’t want to fuss with switching over TV modes and carefully calibrating HDR settings. However, it’s worth noting that plenty of TVs can detect when a console is being used and switch to requisite game modes. And the auto HDR on offer from the PS5 isn’t the same as the Auto HDR function on the Xbox Series X; that’s a more powerful feature that applies HDR to games with no HDR modes or options. 

The current Perfect for PlayStation 5 Bravia XR TV models are:

Should you rush out and buy a Sony Bravia TV if you have just got a PS5? Perhaps not, as there are plenty of TVs like the LG CX OLED that have features and performance that work wonders for console gaming. Equally, if you’re due a TV upgrade, then perhaps a careful look at the Sony Bravia XR TVs on offer would be a shrewd move. 

But also check out our round up of the best gaming TVs, as you’re sure to find a set that'll enhance your gaming experience whether you have a PS5 or Xbox Series X. Heck, even the Nintendo Switch OLED looks great on a top-of-the-line television.

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