PS5 and Xbox Series X games reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
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The PS5 and Xbox Series X are without a doubt going to get some great games once they launch at the end of 2020, but what about the Nintendo Switch? Well, Switch owners might be getting a slice of the same action as well.

An interview by Maxi-Geek (via TechRadar) with a developer from studio Virtuos Games has revealed some interesting information about the Switch. Virtuos is known for porting older Xbox and PlayStation games to the Nintendo console, including LA Noire and Dark Souls Remastered. And its vice president, Elijah Freeman, believes that it's possible for next-gen games to be turned into Switch-compatible experiences too.

“With the launch of the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 this year, developers need to strategize and plan for the game experience to be consistent across all platforms. At Virtuos we are charged up and full of talent that is ready to help bring these new games to the Nintendo Switch” says Freeman.

Of course, the Switch won't be as powerful as the Xbox Series X or PS5. It's not even as powerful as the Xbox One or PS4. But with a few adjustments, it's still possible to make major titles work on the Switch. Games like Doom and Skyrim are playable on Switch for example, lacking some graphical fidelity but still providing the full experience found on other platforms.

There have been rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro, a refreshed version of the console with more powerful hardware. This would be important for keeping up with the new Microsoft and Sony consoles.

Even if we don't see PS5 or Xbox Series X games on the Switch, we may see more PS4 or Xbox One ports in the future if there's a more powerful Switch launched. Nintendo did say that no new version of the Switch would be launched in 2020 though, so we may be waiting a while.

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