No AirTags? No problem — Tile’s best key finder is on sale for Prime Day

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Apple's iPhone 12 launch event may have come and gone with the long-rumored Apple AirTags key finder showing up. But Prime Day gives you the chance to save on both the Tile Pro — our favorite key finder — and the Tile Slim — the best way to keep track of your wallet or purse.

A Tile Pro/Tile Slim bundle costs $44 at Amazon in a Prime Day deal. Normally Amazon sells this Tile Performance Pack for $59, so you're saving $15 to get two of the best key finders around.

Tile Performance Pack: Was $59 now $44 @ Amazon

Tile Performance Pack: Was $59 now $44 @ Amazon
The Tile Performance Pack features the Tile Pro and Tile Slim trackers. The Tile Pro has an extensive range and loud alarm and attaches to keychains, backpacks and other items. The Tile Slim's slender design makes it a good fit for wallets and purses.

The Tile Pro is Tile's most expensive tracker. If you'd prefer to save a little money, there's the Tile Mate key tracker, which is bundled with the Tile Slim in a Tile Starter pack. Normally $49, the Tile Starter Pack has been cut to $39 as part of a Prime Day promotion.

Tile Starter Pack: Was $49 now $39 @ Amazon

Tile Starter Pack: Was $49 now $39 @ Amazon
You can save $10 on this bundle of Tile's key and wallet finders. The Tile Mate doesn't have as wide a range as the Tile Pro, but it's less expensive and it still has many other good features for finding lost items. The Tile Slim excels at helping you track a wallet or purse.

The Tile Pro can stay connected to your phone at distances of up to 200 feet in our testing, and it's got a very loud alarm to help you find your valuables; we rate it as the best key finder you can buy right now. The range on the Tile Mate isn't as impressive, and we found the battery difficult to swap out. The Tile Slim is perfectly designed to slip inside a wallet or purse, and it performed well in our testing. 

With time ticking down on Prime Day, we're keeping an eye on any last-second deals. Keep an eye on our round-up of all the Prime Day deals for your chance to save.

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