New Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get 3 free months of Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited
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Face front, true believers! Xbox Game Pass and Marvel Comics have joined forces to bring you an uncanny offer. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will get three free months of Marvel Unlimited. This deal brings together the best deal in gaming and one of the best deals in digital comics.

For the uninitiated, Marvel Unlimited is an app you can download for smartphones and tablets. It has over 29,000 comics from Marvel Comics’ expansive catalog. If you enjoyed games such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll be able to delve deeper into those properties’ respective origins via Marvel Unlimited.

Note that you’ll need to download and install the Marvel Unlimited app on your mobile device, since you can’t access it via Xbox consoles directly. This deal is only available to brand-new Marvel Unlimited subscribers. Those with existing subscriptions aren’t eligible. The deal lasts until May 31, so if you’re interested, it’s best to jump in now. After your trial, you can pay either $9.99 per month, $69 for the standard annual subscription or $99 for Annual Plus.

I’ve subscribed to Marvel Unlimited since early 2016, and it’s one of my most-used apps. Being able to read old and new Marvel comic books on either my iPad or Galaxy Tab S7 FE is, in my opinion, a better option than tracking down physical copies of these books. In addition to reading about the exploits of iconic heroes such as Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Avengers, you can also read a ton of Star Wars comics – including Dark Horse’s Expanded Universe books. The pre-Marvel Comics era books (comics published before 1961’s Fantastic Four #1) are also a great deal of fun. I can’t recommend Marvel Unlimited enough, especially for those who only know Marvel via the MCU films.

This collaboration makes the already-valuable Xbox Game Pass even better. The service not only gives you access to an enormous library of Xbox games, but it also gets brand-new Xbox titles (and some third-party fare) at launch. Presently, Xbox Game Pass serves over 25 million subscribers – a number that’s sure to grow when mega titles such Starfield and the next Forza Motorsport come out. Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard will also help bolster the Xbox Game Pass lineup.

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