Nintendo Switch 2 just tipped for early 2024 release date

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It’s looking increasingly likely we'll see the Nintendo Switch 2 arrive early 2024, thanks to hints from a parts supplier. 

Chinese financial media publication MoneyDJ reported that sources from CMOS image sensor manufacturer PixelArt Imaging say the company is expecting a "Japanese game console" launch early next year. And that hardware will be coming from a long-time customer of PixelArt Imaging. 

As GameRant reports, that customer is surely Nintendo, given PixelArt Imaging has been supplying the Japanese gaming giant with components since 2006. And I’m not really aware of any other Japanese brand that would likely launch a new console next year, meaning this machine in question is very likely a Switch successor. 

Furthermore, other rumors thus far have the so-called Nintendo Switch 2 tipped for a launch in 2024. As the Nintendo Switch is now more than six-years-old, and didn't exactly have cutting-edge hardware at its 2017 launch, Nintendo is arguably well overdue a new console. 

The original Switch arrived when 4K TVs were still somewhat of an expensive purchase. But now they are pretty much ubiquitous, so for Nintendo to move with the times it will need a console that can output to a 4K resolution. 

While the name of Nintendo Switch 2 has been coined both by us and other publications, there’s still a chance Nintendo could come up with an entirely new console. But I suspect it’ll want to capitalize on the massive success of the Switch's hybrid nature and offer a console that shares the same DNA with the Switch. 

More power, a 4K output, improved battery life, an OLED display by default, and Joy-Cons with analogue triggers and better protection against ‘drifting’ would all be upgrades we need to see. And backwards compatibility with the existing selection of the best Nintendo Switch games, is a must in my opinion. 

With the so-called PS5 Pro and/or PS5 Slim tipped to arrive at the end of the year, an early 2024 launch for the Nintendo Switch 2 would avoid clashing with PlayStation but also give gaming fans a console to look forward to come 2024; I know I’ve got my fingers crossed. 

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