New on Netflix: 5 shows and movies to watch this week (Oct. 2-8)

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Ready to see what's new on Netflix this week? This week’s headlining titles are the docuseries Beckham and the Lupin season 3. 

Beckham chronicles the life and career of footballer David Beckham through the highs, lows, and challenges of his ascent to super-stardom in the sports world. Lupin: Part 3 continues the story of Assane Diop, inspired by legendary thief Arséne Lupin, as he struggles to find a way to keep his estranged wife and son safe from enemies from the past.

Also new on Netflix this week is the erotic thriller Fair Play, which debuted in theaters at the end of September. It finds a newly engaged couple grappling with corporate backstabbing as they vie for the same promotion in the competitive world of finance. Plus, Strong Girl Nam-soon is another dose of the beloved Korean romance series Strong Girl Bong-soon, as it introduces a whole new cast of characters with super-strength — and some cameos from familiar faces as well. 

Keep reading for our day-by-day rundown of what's new on Netflix this week, and check out the latest news on Netflix's reported price hike that's said to be coming right after the actors' strike is over. 

New on Netflix this week: Top picks


Beckham is a deep dive into the life of soccer legend David Beckham, following his journey as part of east London's working class to global stardom. Over the span of four episodes, this docuseries delves into Beckham's biggest challenges, soaring highs, and devastating lows, all culminating in a superstar career that launched him into the cultural stratosphere. Through the lens of Academy Award-winner Fisher Stevens and produced by John Battsek, Beckham provides unparalleled access to David, his wife Victoria, and their inner circle for an engaging portrait of a man at the crossroads of sports star and celebrity.

Watch on Netflix starting Oct. 4

Lupin: Part 3

Lupin returns with its third season as it thrusts Assane Diop (Omary Sy) back into a world of intrigue and danger once more. This series, inspired by the stories of fictional thief Arséne Lupin, finds a hero who's been seeking justice for his father against a powerful family. Now, separated from his loved ones, he's facing an audacious turn of events: leaving France and forging a new destiny. As Assane remains on the run, he desperately looks for ways to protect estranged wife Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) and son Raoul (Etan Simon), faces from the past stand in the way to safety. 

Watch on Netflix starting Oct. 5

Everything Now

Everything Now follows 16-year-old Mia (Sophie Wilde), fresh from recovery after battling an eating disorder. When she returns to school, Mia realizes that while she was away, her friends were experiencing a whirlwind of teenage firsts without her. Armed with a lengthy bucket list, the support of three unwavering friends, and the fizziness of a brand new crush, Mia sets off on her own adventures of dating, late-night parties, and even her first kiss. But as she tears through her lengthy must-do list, she soon learns that you can't always plan for everything that happens on the road to growing up. 

Watch on Netflix starting Oct. 5

Fair Play

Fair Play is a thrillingly sexy exploration of what happens when love and ambition meet the cutthroat world of finance. Lovers Emily (Phoebe Dynevor) and Luke (Alden Ehrenreich), once united in their aspirations, find themselves on opposing sides when one coveted promotion goes up for grabs. Despite their feelings (and passion) for one another, they find themselves confronted with the dark side of success. Power dynamics shift, world change, and the pair explore the same age-old gender roles that threaten to tear them apart. Soon, both their relationship and uneasy alliance is torn asunder. 

Watch on Netflix starting Oct. 6

Strong Girl Nam-soon 

This spiritual sequel to Koran series Strong Girl Bong-soon introduces Kang Nam Soon (Lee Yoo-mi), who has the gift of ridiculous strength. She returns to Seoul's bustling Gangnam district in search of her long-lost family. When she reunites with her affluent mother, she learns that both of them have super strength. But the legacy doesn't stop there, as she learns that the matriarch of the family also shares the same incredible power. The trio soon become entangled in a mysterious drug case threatening the heart of Gangnam, which forces the women to band together while getting to know (and love) one another if they want to save the day. 

Watch on Netflix starting Oct. 7

Everything new on Netflix: Oct. 2-8


Strawberry Shortcake and the Beast of Berry Bog


Beth Stelling: If You Didn't Want Me Then (Netflix Comedy)
Comedian Beth Stelling is aging in dog years, camping with a fake husband and monitoring her dad's raccoon army in this slyly laid-back stand-up special.


Beckham (UK) (Netflix Documentary)
Beckham, a four-part documentary series, tells the inside story of a global football star and cultural icon. From his humble working-class beginnings in east London, his drive and determination to win, and the battle to find balance between ambition, love and family, David’s story is one of immense ups and downs.

Keys to the Heart (PH) (Netflix film)
Troubled and alone, a boxer moves in with his long-lost mother and autistic pianist brother — but must fit in with a family he hasn't known for years.

Race to the Summit (DE) (Netflix Documentary)
Fearless alpine climbers Ueli Steck and Dani Arnold enter into a death-defying rivalry to set speed records on the Swiss Alps' great north faces.

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber: Season 1 


Everything Now (UK) (Netflix Series)
After months in recovery for an eating disorder, 16-year-old Mia devises a bucket list of quintessential teen experiences to make up for lost time.

Khufiya (IN) (Netflix Film)
When a mole in an intelligence unit leads to the murder of an undercover spy, a hardened agent relentlessly pursues him to avenge the death.

Lupin: Part 3 (FR) (Netflix Series)
As the media and police look to Claire and Raoul, an on-the-run Assane schemes to protect them from afar — but old foes are eager to thwart his plans.


A Deadly Invitation (MX) (Netflix Film)
A true crime enthusiast is ensnared in her high-society sister's murder. With a villa full of posh suspects, it's up to her to find the culprit.

Ballerina (KR) (Netflix Film)
Grieving the loss of a best friend she couldn’t protect, an ex-bodyguard sets out to fulfill her dear friend’s last wish: sweet, sweet revenge.

Fair Play (Netflix Film)
An unexpected promotion at a cutthroat hedge fund pushes a couple's romance to the brink, threatening to unravel far more than their recent engagement.


Strong Girl Nam-soon (KR) (Netflix Series)
Gifted with superhuman strength, a young woman returns to Korea to find her birth family — only to be entangled in a drug case that could test her power.

Leaving Netflix This Week

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The Rental 

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The Expendables
The Expendables 2
The Expendables 3

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American Pie: Girls' Rules 

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