Nectar launches two new cooling mattresses with enhanced gel memory foam

Nectar Premier mattress
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Nectar has added two new mattresses to its roster today; the Nectar Premier and the Nectar Premier Copper. The new memory foam mattresses come to replace the now discontinued Nectar Lush, but build on the previous model with additional height, a gel layer that now offers active cooling and an extra responsive support layer. 

The new Nectar mattresses do come at a slight premium, with the Premier starting at $899 for a Twin (the current Nectar mattress starts at $499). However, with additional focus on temperature regulation and a more supportive, dynamic collection of memory foam layers, there's definitely excellent value in these more advanced releases.

To celebrate the launch of the two new Premier mattress, Nectar has also partnered with Google to become the Official Sleep Partner of Google Nest. Google's Sleep Sensing software can track your sleep and offer up personalized suggestions for improving your night's rest. That also means Nectar is offering up a free Nest Hub with Sleep Sensing capabilities with each new order while supplies last, so we're already seeing Nectar mattress deals on these new models.

These new releases come just weeks after Nectar refreshed its baseline model, which we've already rated top in our best mattress and best memory foam mattress guides, and shortly after Casper launched its own cooling mattresses as well. 

What is the Nectar Premier mattress?

The new Nectar Premier mattress adds an additional 1-inch to the height of the memory foam mattress for a little extra comfort and durability while also reinventing the 3-inch gel memory foam top layer as well. 

The new high-density foam offers up additional cooling through phase change materials that ensure responsive thermal regulation. That means you'll enjoy a much cooler sleep on these new releases, with an extra inch of this temperature regulating materials available on the Copper model. 

The Nectar Premier also builds on the original Nectar mattress's transitional foam. An extra inch in the new release (3-inches compared to the base model's 1-inch) will make the Premier a better option for heavier sleepers by supporting the contouring effect of the layers above it. 

The Nectar Premier Copper, however, drops the height of that transitional foam to instead offer an extra 2-inches of base support further down the mattress. 

If you're unsure about what these changes could mean for you, it's worth checking out our Nectar mattress review. The original model does drop the new cooling tech available here, but still offers excellent support and contouring for a restful sleep. You'll find all the key specs just below.

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Header Cell - Column 0 NectarNectar PremierNectar Premier Copper
Price$499 - $1,099$899 - $1,399$1,199 - $1,799
CoverPolyethylene Blend Cooling Cover2x Polyethylene Blend Cooling Cover2x Polyethylene Blend Cooling Cover
Top Layer3-inch gel memory foam3-inch high-density gel memory foam with surfaced infused phase change materials4-inch high-density gel memory foam with surfaced infused phase change materials
Layer 22-inch transitional foam3-inch soft transitional foam1-inch soft transitional foam
Base Layer7-inch base support layer7-inch base support layer9-inch base support layer

Nectar Premier mattress price and deals

Nectar Premier Copper mattress

(Image credit: Nectar)

The Nectar Premier comes in cheaper than the $1,099 Lush mattress it is replacing, though does carry a higher price tag than the base model. However, with enhanced cooling properties and extra foam throughout there's plenty of excellent value in this new release. 

Nectar Premier mattress prices:

  • Twin: $899 
  • Twin XL: $949
  • Full: $1,099 
  • Queen: $1,299
  • King: $1,399
  • Cal King: $1,399

Nectar has also released the Premier Copper - an even more refined memory foam mattress that offers extra cooling tech and comfort, though prices here are similar to the Lush.

Nectar Premier Copper mattress prices:

  • Twin: $1,199
  • Twin XL: $1,249
  • Full: $1,399
  • Queen: $1,599
  • King: $1,799
  • Cal King: $1,799

Nectar Premier Mattress | free Google Nest Hub: From $899 at Nectar
The new Nectar Premier mattress is here, offering additional cooling through a thicker layer of high-density gel memory foam as well as a taller profile overall. Not only that, but because Nectar has partnered with Google's Sleep Sensing tech you can grab a free Google Nest Hub with your order while stocks last as well.


Nectar Premier Copper Mattress | free Google Nest Hub: From $1,199 at Nectar
With a thicker build (14-inches), a larger gel memory foam top layer, and two extra inches of base support, the Premier Copper offers another step up in both temperature regulation and overall comfort. The more expensive model is still available with a free Google Nest Hub if you're looking to track and smarten up your sleep as well.

If you're not interested in scooping up that free Google Nest Hub, though, the best time for cheap mattress deals is also upon us. Keep a close eye out for this month's Memorial Day mattress sale, or later in the year with a Black Friday mattress deal

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