New Casper Cooling Collection revamps the popular Wave Hybrid and Nova Hybrid mattresses

Casper cooling collection snow nova hybrid mattress
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The new Casper Cooling Collection is available to purchase now. A year after a full-on revamp of its entire line of mattresses, the popular mattress-in-a-box brand is adding two new models to its already impressive roster with the launch of its Hybrid Snow mattresses. 

Casper already produces some of the best mattresses in the US and these new offerings are likely to be no exception. The Casper Cooling Collection Snow Hybrid mattresses are enhanced versions of the company’s two existing hybrids, the Wave Hybrid and the Nova Hybrid. These new mattresses - dubbed the Wave Hybrid Snow and the Nova Hybrid Snow - are made with advanced technology that allows them to get six degrees cooler than their predecessors. 

You can read our Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress review to find out how we got on with it. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about the just-launched Casper Cooling Collection - which not only includes mattresses but also sheets, duvets, and mattress covers.

What is the Casper Cooling Collection?

The Casper Cooling Collection intends to solve a problem that plagues nearly half of all Americans: overheating while sleeping at night. This new line of cooling mattresses and lightweight bedding is designed with innovative cooling features so sleepers are comfortable from the moment they lay down until they wake up.

Right now, you can purchase the Casper Cooling Collection on Casper’s website or at Casper retail stores across North America.

casper cooling collection wave hybrid snow mattress

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Casper Cooling Collection Hybrid Snow mattresses

Casper’s existing mattresses are already known for providing ample cooling and excellent support. What do the Casper Hybrid Snow mattresses do differently - or better?

Here’s the new technology present in the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow and Nova Hybrid Snow:

  • QuickCool Cover, which provides a 24% cooler-to-the-touch feeling than the original Wave Hybrid mattress.
  • HeatDelete Bands, which remove 34% more heat away from underneath your body while sustaining temperature regulation for over 12 hours.

One thing that remains unchanged between Casper’s original Hybrid mattresses and the new Hybrid Snow mattresses is the company’s proprietary Airscape cooling foam, which is perforated for maximum airflow. Combined with Casper’s latest cooling technology, the new Hybrid Snow mattresses yield a six-degree cooler sleep temperature than the original Casper Wave Hybrid.

Casper Cooling Collection Hybrid Snow mattresses prices and deals

Unsurprisingly, the two new Casper Cooling Collection Hybrid Snow mattresses command higher asking prices than their predecessors. Here’s the breakdown of the pricing structure for each :

Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress prices:

  • Twin: $2,095 
  • Twin XL: $2,295
  • Full: $2,995
  • Queen: $3,195
  • King/California King: $3,595

Casper Nova Hybrid Snow mattress prices:

  • Twin: $1,695
  • Twin XL: $1,845
  • Full: $2,395
  • Queen: $2,595
  • King/California King: $2,895

These prices are roughly $500 more than the retail costs for the original Casper Wave Hybrid and Nova Hybrid mattresses, effectively making the Casper Snow Hybrids the company's most expensive offerings yet. However, you can try them for up to 100 nights risk-free and receive a full refund if they're not to your liking. (You can also check out our forthcoming review of the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress for a more in-depth look.)

We'd be pleasantly surprised to see any early deals for Casper's latest Snow Hybrid mattresses. In the meantime, Casper is taking up to $940 off select mattresses. Granted these discounts are for Casper's 2019 hybrid models, which are highly regarded in their own right - but keep in mind that Casper's 100-night risk-free trial does not apply for these purchases.

casper cooling collection hyperlite sheets nova snow hybrid mattress

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Casper Cooling Collection bedding

The Casper Cooling Collection also introduces a new line of lightweight, breathable bedding. Here's what's on offer:

  • Hyperlite Sheets are made with Tencel and woven in a unique grid to create a vent-like structure for optimum airflow. Available in five colors in all standard bed sizes.
  • Lightweight Duvets provide temperature control without sacrificing plushness. Choose from three material options: down, down alternative, or humidity-fighting. Available in white in all standard bed sizes.
  • Breathable Mattress Protector is designed to improve airflow between your body and your mattress while offering protection from allergens and other undesirables. Available in all standard bed sizes.

The Casper Cooling Collection bedding is available to purchase now. The Hyperlite Sheets won't be shipping until April 26, but you can still place an order today.

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