National Coffee Day is September 29 - here's where to get your free drink

National Coffee Day
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National Coffee Day is Wednesday September, 29 which means you'll be wrapping your hands around a free cup of coffee before you know it. Plenty of retailers are taking part in this year's festivities, so you'll be able to scoop up some savings wherever you choose to pick up your Joe. 

Originating in Japan in 1983, National Coffee Day celebrates the beans we all love so much, while also promoting fair trade and, more recently, sustainable farming methods. If you do miss out on this week's events, there's not too long to wait - International Coffee Day takes place on October 1. 

It's not just free coffee up for grabs, either. Between sweepstakes, member rewards, and new drinks, coffee shops are going all out for this year's celebration. You'll find all the biggest offers just below. 

Starbucks is offering a free coffee for anyone who brings their own reusable cup into a store on Wednesday. However, considering it's the brand's 50th Anniversary, there's even more on offer this year. You can also sign up for a free Pike Place Roast pack (Starbucks' signature medium roast) via At Home Starbucks. That's even better news if you're lucky enough to have one of the best coffee makers on hand as well.

Panera is honoring parents and caregivers with its Coffee Day celebrations, so if you fit the bill you can benefit from free coffee all day long. 

Dunkin' Donuts is keeping its best National Coffee Day deals for its members. The subscription is completely free, and those who take part can claim a free coffee with any purchase on Wednesday. 

7-Eleven will send you home with a free coffee when you purchase any baked items on Wednesday September 29. If you're looking maximize your value, though, order through the 7NOW app for a free extra large drink. 

Barnes & Noble can help you settle in with a good book this Wednesday. You can grab a free hot or iced coffee with the purchase of any baked goods. 

Au Bon Pain is running a 'pay it forward' campaign this week, with all coffee available for $1 and customers encouraged to purchase extra drinks for others when picking up their discounted brews. 

Jamba is waiving its delivery fees on all orders over $12 on Wednesday - a great chance try the brand's new Gotcha Matcha or Bold ‘n Cold Brew. Plus, rewards members can also earn double points all day to boot. 

Wawa is also offering free coffee on Wednesday, for those on the East coast. Not only that, but teachers can also claim a free cup throughout the whole of September.

Tim Hortons is extending National Coffee Day all the way through the month, with 99 cent coffee available until October 26. You'll be able to claim your free coffee by ordering through the app or online and new rewards members will also receive a free donut until November 9.  

Nescafé could be sending you 'the ultimate coffee prize pack' in its latest competition. That means a year of free coffee and a red Nescafé mug to go with it. All you need to do is enter the sweepstake on the brand's Instagram page

McDonald's isn't celebrating National Coffee Day explicitly, but you can still pick up a 99 cent coffee when you order through the app.

Nobody can argue with free coffee, but if you're looking to save some cash in the long-term, it might be worth taking a look at some cheap coffee makers. You'll find all the lowest prices on the some of the best models just below. 

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