Cheap coffee maker deals: all the best machines under $100 in March 2023

cheap coffee maker deals sales
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Cheap coffee makers can offer high quality brews without breaking the bank. In fact, some of the best coffee makers on the market come in at just under $100, especially when on sale, and if you're just after a simple cup of Joe you can spend far less on your morning fix. 

Budget coffee makers can still provide all the basic functions you're after, but plenty of brewers under $100 also offer a range of infusion techniques, precise controls, and programmable features. In fact, many cheap coffee makers are available for well below that price point, with some coming in under $30 (£30). Not only that, but with coffee maker deals regularly dropping prices on some of the more feature-rich machines, may find some excellent discounts pushing your cash even further as well. 

We're rounding up all the best cheap coffee makers under $100 / £100 right here, and even the cheapest models all still offer excellent brewing techniques for their price points and a range of additional features as well. 

The best cheap coffee maker deals

cheap coffee maker deals sales

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Black and Decker 12 cup programmable coffee maker

A super cheap coffee maker

Cup capacity: 12 cups | Size: 8.2 x 12.2 x 11 inches | Features: Programmable, auto-shut off, optimal brewing temperature

Budget price tag
Optimal brewing temperature
Programmable auto-brew
No strength controls
Cheaper materials

Cheap coffee makers often cut corners in temperature and programming features to achieve the lowest price tag possible, but the Black & Decker 12-cup coffee maker bucks that trend. You'll still find quick and easy auto-brew programming here, and the Black & Decker also works to maintain an optimal brewing temperature over the full brew as well. 

It's a simple system overall, so there's no fancy water dispersal techniques or brew strength controls, and that cheaper plastic frame isn't too premium. However, it's incredibly well priced and usually found for around $20 - $30 when coffee maker deals are available. 

cheap coffee maker deals sales price

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Chefman Instacoffee

A super cheap pod coffee maker

Cup capacity: up to 14oz | Size: 13 x 6.5 x 4.6 inches | Features: single serve pod brewing, ground coffee brewing functionality, compact design,

Brews both ground coffee and K Cup pods
Tiny footprint
Great price
No programming or controls
Not as good build quality as Keurig

The Chefman Instacoffee is an incredibly cheap coffee maker if you're after the versatility of a dual system. You'll be able to brew K-Cup pods in this machine within minutes, but if you prefer to use ground beans there's also a filter included as well. At just 6.5-inches wide there's no counter space clutter here either, and you'll be able to remove the rubber drip tray for easier cleaning. 

Some reviewers have noticed a reduced build quality here when compared with the slightly more expensive Keurig options on the market. With some reports of splattering over the side of the cup and a flimsy plastic feel to the hood, sacrifices have been made to the smoothness of this operation. However, at such a low price point this is still excellent value for money and far cheaper than many other pod coffee makers on the market.

cheap coffee maker deals Hamilton Beach

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Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer

A cheap coffee maker with both single serve and 12-cup carafe

Cup capacity: single serve up to 14oz / 12 cups | Size: 13.69 x 11.44 x 15.44 inches | Features: single serve or carafe, 24 hour programmable, brew strength control, auto shut-off

Brew strength controls
Single serve and carafe options
Clear and easy to use interface
Can't auto-program both brewing systems together

The Hamilton Beach 2-way brewer is perfect for both those rushed weekday mornings and lazy weekends. Usually sitting between $50 and $60, there's both a single serve brewer on one side and a large 12-cup carafe on the other which means great versatility. Plus, with brew strength controls and auto-programming for both sides (though you won't be able to program for both brewers at the same time) there's plenty of extra features packed in here that you don't usually find at this price point. 

Hamilton Beach make a range of great cheap coffee makers, and we've seen this model on sale for as little as $40 in the past. 

cheap coffee maker deals sales

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Mr Coffee Easy Measure

A cheap coffee maker with some unique features

Cup capacity: 12 | Size: 14.1 x 9.1 x 11.74 inches | Features: Programmable, auto-shut off, convenient measuring, water filtration, automatic clean cycle

Color-coded measuring system
Built in water filtration system
Freshness indicator
No strength or temperature controls

The Mr Coffee Easy Measure offers both ease and convenience, while also producing great tasting coffee. That makes the $40 - $50 coffee maker excellent value, especially considering there's a range of unique features packed in here as well. 

The color-coded measuring system means you'll always have the perfect ratios of coffee grounds and water, with clear markers on the scoop, carafe and water reservoir. Not only that, but the water reservoir also uses a water filtration system that removes calcium and chlorine from your water to provide a richer taste. 

Of course, you're still getting a programmable LED display here, with the option to auto-brew later on. Plus, there's a four-hour freshness indicator on board so that you always know how long your coffee has been sitting in the pot. 

This is already a well priced machine, which means we don't tend to see too many coffee maker deals hitting that low price tag. However, you may find more sales during larger events like Black Friday.

cheap coffee maker deals sales

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Keurig K-Mini

A cheap but basic Keurig coffee maker

Cup capacity: 6-12oz | Size: 12.1 x 4.5 x 11.3 inches | Features: single serve pod brewing, compact design, cord storage

Small footprint
Convenient pod system
Wide range of pods available
No programming or controls
Single cup reservoir

If you're looking for that Keurig build quality, the K-Mini is the perfect cheap coffee maker. It's a single serve system, but you'll be able to brew between 6 and 12oz from each pod, and all within a matter of minutes as well. 

With a small 4.5-inch width you're also shrinking the footprint of your coffee maker here as well - perfect for those with less counter space. You do sacrifice a little convenience for that compact design, though, as the water reservoir is only designed to hold one cup's worth of water at a time. 

However, if you're after a quick and easy coffee in the morning the K-Mini is one of the more affordable routes to take. Not only that, but we see regular coffee maker deals offering some even better prices on this machine - some going as low as $40 or $50 during bigger sales events.

cheap coffee maker deals Keurig

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Keurig K-Classic

A pricier coffee maker regularly on sale

Cup capacity: 6 / 8 / 10z | Size: 13.3 x 9.8 x 13 inches | Features: single serve pod brewing, auto shut-off, programmable cup volume, strength control, 48-oz water reservoir

Strength and volume controls
Large water reservoir
Convenient pod system
Over $100 unless on sale

This Keurig K-Classic does come in over $100 at MSRP, however we regularly see coffee maker deals skimming that price down to between $60 and $90 during sales events. If you're shopping at the right time, then, you could pick up a far more sophisticated pod machine for a great price with this device. 

Strength control is a major player here, as we rarely see the ability to tinker with the actual flavor of your brew in cheaper coffee makers. While these strength controls may be rudimentary compared to some of the more premium barista grade machines, they're certainly a feature worth celebrating when on sale. 

The convenience of the pod coffee machine is also heightened by the large 48oz water reservoir installed here, plus it's removable for easy filling and pouring out as well. 

Where to find more cheap coffee maker deals

If you didn't spot anything here, there are always plenty of cheap coffee maker deals available at your favorite retailers. We've rounded up the best places to start your search right here. 



Is it worth buying an expensive coffee maker?

Cheap coffee makers are perfect for those who don't need to invest too much in their morning brew, but if you're looking for something that will allow you to tinker with your coffee a little more you might need a more in-depth machine. 

However, some coffee makers are sitting at incredibly premium prices - some reaching into the $600 or $700 (£600 / £700) mark. If you don't need a barista-grade level of quality, these are likely not going to be the machines for you. If you just need a simple brew, there's no need to spend more than the prices on these cheap coffee maker deals.

That said, some of the more mid-range machines ($200 - $300 / £200 - £300) can offer better temperature management, more options for brewing specialty drinks, and a more balanced water dispersal system. These models are often worth it if you're willing to spend a little time getting to know them and experimenting to create the perfect settings for your tastes. 

You'll find all the latest coffee maker deals on some of the best options out there just below.

Find out how to clean a coffee maker, or check out our guide on how to clean a Keurig for pod-based machines. We're also rounding up the best Espresso machines if you're looking for something a little stronger as well. If you're looking to keep things fresh, check out our roundup of the best coffee grinders available now.

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