Moon Knight season 2 just teased by Oscar Isaac on TikTok

Moon Knight, in caped armor, stands in a street with pennants in the background
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Moon Knight is one of the most popular Disney Plus Marvel shows to date (even if some viewers weren’t quite so keen), so it’s not a great surprise that speculation surrounding Moon Knight season 2 has been rampant since the superhero show concluded back in May. 

Well, speculate no more, as a TikTok starring Oscar Isaac (aka Moon Knight himself) appears to have confirmed that the show will be returning in the future. The short video opens with a young woman posing the question “Will there be a Moon Knight season 2?” before Isaac jumps into frame and declares “Why else would we be in Cairo!” That seems like confirmation to us. 

The video also includes a brief cameo from Moon Knight executive producer Mohamed Diab, and Diab himself shared the TikTok with his followers on Twitter. All signs certainly point to Moon Knight season 2 being in some form of development, but until there’s some official word from Disney you might want to file this one under “extremely likely but not technically confirmed yet.” 

While several Marvel TV shows like WandaVision and Hawkeye appear purposefully written as a one-and-done series, the post-credits scene of Moon Knight episode 6 very much left the door open for more episodes. Spoilers, the finale revealed that Marc Spector/Steven Grant actually has a third personality, named Jake Lockley, and this alter-ego is still working as an avatar for the Egyptian god Khonsh. 

A follow-up season exploring the mysterious Jake Lockley would make sense, as Diab has previously talked about wanting to unravel the complex character in the future. “Jake scares the hell out of me,” Diab said in an interview with io9 back in May. “I hate him. But I’m sure one day if we expanded him, hopefully, if I’m part of that, I’m sure I’m going to sympathize with him because definitely there is a story behind why he became who he is.”

Earlier this summer, Marvel held a massive press conference at San Diego Comic-Con and revealed the entire MCU phase 5 and 6. During this event Loki season 2 was confirmed for release in 2023, but there was no mention of more Moon Knight. Perhaps this indicates that a potential Moon Knight season 2 is still several years away, or maybe the show will be an extra addition to the currently announced release schedule.  

Rory Mellon
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