Microsoft Surface Pro 8 design just leaked — and it's bad news

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 leak
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Leaked images of what’s claimed to be the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 have revealed that the company's next 2-in-1 laptop could be rather dull. 

The reason for that somewhat premature conclusion is that its design looks unchanged from the past few generations of Surface Pro machines. From the images we can see the same 12.3-inch PixelSense display with the now relatively chunky for 2020 bezels, as well as the standard kickstand design.

In addition, the Type Cover keyboard attachment looks unchanged as well. Though that’s not a bad thing as that keyboard cover is excellent based on our testing. 

However, the lack of design changes for what's thought to be the Surface Pro 8 is rather disappointing. We have been hoping that Microsoft would takes the design of the Surface Pro X, with its slim body and narrow screen bezels, and apply it to the next Surface Pro. 

By popular request, the Surface Pro 8 in all its glory! from r/Surface

Sadly, this doesn't look to be the case, and the only way you’ll be able to get a Surface Pro with slim bezels is to opt for the Microsoft Surface Pro X 2020. The only caveat here is that the device in the leak is an engineering prototype; perhaps there’s still hope for a design change but we doubt it. 

So what can we expect from the Surface Pro 8? Well mostly an internal specs boost. Intel’s new Tiger Lake 11th Gen Core processors will be at the heart of the new Surface Pro, according to this leak. And they promise a boost in CPU performance, as well as a hike in graphical power, thanks to the new Xe integrated graphics accelerator. 

It’s not likely that the boost in power will lead to a night-and-day difference between the Surface Pro 8 and the Surface Pro 7. But for people who might use more graphically demanding apps, the extra power of the Xe graphics could deliver the performance boost they're after. 

As it stands, Microsoft has been very tight lipped about when we can expect new Surface devices. It’s likely that the Surface Pro 8 will simply be released as a minor specs refresh without any major launch event to go with it. Microsoft has already revealed a major Surface device this year in the form of the Surface Duo, an interesting hybrid phone-meets-tablet, albeit one with flaws. 

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  • DougChoz
    admin said:
    No new design for the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, but it will get Intel Tiger Lake power.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 8 design leaked again — and it's bad news : Read more
    I can't wait to purchase the Surface Pro 8. The design is perfect and that's why it's sooooo popular. I've got an SP4 and it's getting tired.
  • Cariboudjan
    I have a SP3 and have been waiting for a compelling reason to upgrade. Love the Surface concept, hate the dated design. Maybe SP9 will rival the iPad Pro in terms of bezels. I want a bigger screen.

    Holding you to it Microsoft. I'll be waiting in 2021.