Microsoft relaunches the Xbox Design Lab for Xbox Series X controllers

Xbox Design Lab controller customization options
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Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab relaunched today with colorful customization options for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controllers. Static variants for games like Psychonauts 2 and Grounded will certainly be well received by fans. It’s the returning color swapping features, however, that really sets the Xbox Design Lab apart from other customization programs.   

Per an Xbox blog post, thanks to an intuitive UI it’s now possible to change the color of the Xbox Series X controller’s body, D-pad, triggers and more within a matter of seconds. It’s even possible to change the look of the face buttons — you can have black buttons on a grey background, black buttons on a colorful background, white on grey and so forth — with a few clicks. Essentially, it’s easier than ever to make your custom Xbox Series X controller feel truly unique. Customers can head on over to the Xbox Design Lab website to begin customizing. 

Xbox Design Lab Controller: $69 @ Microsoft

Xbox Design Lab Controller: $69 @ Microsoft
Custom Xbox controllers are back thanks to Microsoft's Xbox Design Lab. The website lets you create your own next-gen Xbox Series X controllers. Choose colors for each part of Microsoft's controller including the body, bumpers, thumb sticks, and more. You can add engraving for an extra $9.99. But it's only available through June 30. 

The older version of the Xbox Design Lab, which allowed fans to alter the look of their Xbox One controllers, was put on hold last year as Microsoft cleared the way for the company’s next-gen consoles. So it was only a matter of time before the program returned. That said, I expected a prolonged hiatus given how difficult it is to find an Xbox Series X or S right now. The chip shortages and manufacture delays brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a global battle between retail and the second-hand market, making the Xbox Design Lab seem superfluous. The last thing anyone would want to do is buy custom controllers when Xbox Series X restocks remain difficult to find.

For the lucky few who were able to purchase an Xbox Series X and are looking to spice things up, the Xbox Design Lab has you covered. Each custom peripheral will cost $69.99 (unless you get it engraved with your name/gamertag, adding an extra $9.99). Fans in North America and certain European countries can order now, with an estimated 28-day ship time. Just note that once you’ve placed your order there is no turning back. Microsoft makes it clear that due to the customized nature of the Xbox Design Lab, you can’t cancel or modify orders once placed.

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