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Meta Quest Summer sale is here — save on these great Oculus Quest 2 games

Oculus Quest 2
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If you're an Oculus Quest 2 owner, or want to build up your game library for when you do get one, now's the time to get some games. The Quest VR Summer Sale (opens in new tab) is underway and is discounting plenty of great titles.

You can buy individual games as you'd expect, but also there are packs of similarly themed games you can buy together as a bundle. That's handy for something like Vader Immortal (opens in new tab), a three-part Star Wars VR experience you can buy all at once for 35% off.

After looking through our list of the best VR games, we've picked out five deals you should look at first. The sale runs until midnight PT June 26, so you only have another few days to make the most of these offers. Unfortunately, the deals don't extend to apps or experiences, so if you want something more passive or practical to enjoy with your Quest, then you're going to be paying full price.

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Superhot VR: was $24 now $17 @ Oculus (opens in new tab)
This critically-acclaimed FPS is best summed up by the well-worn phrase "time only moves when you move." Use your wits and dodging abilities to avoid your enemies' bullets and then take them on with weapons of your own.

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Resident Evil 4: was $39 now $35 @ Oculus (opens in new tab)
One of the biggest installments of the long-running horror game franchise, this game lets you play more literally than ever as agent Leon Kennedy as he looks for the president's missing daughter in a spooky Spanish town full of cultists.

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Pistol Whip: was $29 now $20 @ Oculus (opens in new tab)
Part shooting gallery, part music video, you've got to fire your gun and dodge bullets to the beat if you want to get a high score. And with new expansions like Pistol Whip: 2089 or Contracts, there's more fun to be had than ever before.

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Moss: was $29 now $20 @ Oculus (opens in new tab)
Quill may only be a mouse, but she's still tasked with saving her uncle from a vicious fire-breathing snake. You're able to view her whole world like a series of immersive scenes, allowing you to control the game from whatever distance you like. This could be a particularly good title if you're concerned about motion sickness but still want to try out some VR gaming.

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Jurassic World: Aftermath: was $24, now $17 @ Oculus (opens in new tab)
Bad news: everything's gone wrong at Isla Nublar's Jurassic World park. The worse news is you're trapped there with a pack of velociraptors, and you'll need to escape with the data you were sent to gather. Just use your wits to solve the puzzles in your way and we're sure you'll be fine...

The Oculus/Meta Quest 2 itself is top of our best VR headsets guide for good reason. It's a standalone device so you don't need a PC or a console, and with well-designed controllers and impressive audio and visuals, it's the perfect first VR device. 

Sadly, the Quest 2 isn't on sale at the moment. We've not really seen big discounts on the Quest 2 since it launched in late 2020, but with Prime Day on the way, perhaps we'll see a few dollars drop from the $300 starting price.

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