Meta Quest Pro looks confirmed by new leak

A photo of Mark Zuckerberg wearing a Project Cambria headset
(Image credit: Mark Zuckerberg/Instagram)

Update: Meta Quest Pro hands-on: The future of the metaverse is here for $1,500.

We’ve already heard plenty of rumors about Meta’s next VR headset, including confirmation that it will be arriving this October. There are still some unknowns, though, including what the headset will actually be called. Fortunately, a new possible leak suggests that we’ll be welcoming the Meta Quest Pro next month.

According to a tweet from @_limbofeather, co-founder of WebXR immersive ads provider Zesty, two devices named Quest Pro have accessed Zesty content. It features alongside thousands of other devices, primarily made up of the ever-popular Quest and Quest 2 devices. 

According to @_limbofeather, device names are set by user agent strings. It has me wondering whether it’s possible for some unscrupulous Quest 2 owners to spoof their user agent strings in an elaborate prank. But it would be an awful lot of effort just to mess with random ad platforms.

The only question is whether Quest Pro is a finalized name, or just a placeholder in the run-up to the headset’s launch. While the headset is said to already have an internal codename at Meta, Project Cambria, anything is possible. 

Then again, if you’re offering a significantly more advanced headset than before, calling it the Quest ‘Pro’ is the simplest and most effective option.

Just last week Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was touting the Quest Pro’s features, including eye and facial tracking that will supposedly sync up to your digital avatar in real time. This could result in more lifelike social interactions in virtual reality, which is absolutely something normal people are interested in experiencing. 

Zuckerberg didn’t go into any other specifics, but it has already been confirmed that the Quest Pro will be a “high-end headset” with a price tag to match. While a figure hasn’t been officially revealed, it’s speculated that it could cost as much as $1,500. If true, that’s going to affect the headset’s mass-market appeal — unlike the more affordable Quest 2 headset.

Prototype versions of the headset also appear to have outward facing cameras, suggesting it will be able to integrate your surroundings in virtual environments, The design was also much less bulky than VR headsets currently on the market. But whether any of this design will make it to the final model is unclear.

All will no doubt be revealed next month, when Meta unveils the headset and shows off what the device is capable of.

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