Mercedes EQE SUV just announced — here's everything you need to know

mercedes eqe suv
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The electric SUV market is exploding right now, and just about every electric-automaker in the United States has at least one SUV either on the road or coming very soon. Mercedes is absolutely no exception and just unveiled another electric SUV in the form of the Mercedes EQE SUV.

The EQE SUV should not be confused with the Mercedes EQE, which sports the sleeker design and stylings of a sedan. It’s like comparing the Mercedes EQS with the Mercedes EQS SUV. There are similarities, especially in the name, but they’re totally different cars. As different as any two luxury Mercedes can be, of course.

It’s now at the point where it’s difficult to keep track of all the electric Mercedes that are hitting the market. In the U.S. that includes the EQB, EQS, EQE, EQS SUV and the upcoming EQG. Europeans also get the EQA, EQC and EQV. Needless to say, Mercedes is taking electrification very seriously. 

Confused yet? Let’s change that. Here’s everything you need to know about the Mercedes EQE SUV.

Mercedes EQE SUV: Possible price and availability 

mercedes eqe suv

(Image credit: Mercedes)

Mercedes has two EQE SUV models on the way, the standard Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV and the performance-focussed Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV. Sadly. the automaker hasn’t revealed anything about pricing just yet, though we do have some idea on when they might be available to purchase.

The standard model is set to begin production at Mercedes’ facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this December. This suggests that the EQE SUV should be ready to hit the road sometime next year. It’s not been revealed when the AMG model will begin production, so expect to wait a little longer for deliveries to begin.

Being built in the U.S. suggests that the EQE SUV could be eligible for the new federal EV tax credit. Provided, of course, that you can purchase one for less than the $80,000 price cap imposed on electric trucks and SUVs.

Batteries are provided by a facility in nearby Bibb County, which also supplies the batteries for the EQS SUV. That could prove beneficial as future changes affect tax credit availability, specifically those about sourcing batteries from North America.

Mercedes EQE SUV: Design and Interior 

mercedes eqe suv

(Image credit: Mercedes)

You’d think that the Mercedes EQE SUV would look a lot like the EQE, albeit bigger and stretched into an SUV shape. But the two are noticeably different — barring the fact they are unmistakably Mercedes cars.

There’s no hiding what the EQE SUV is, and it looks similar to quite a number of electric SUVs already on the market — including Mercedes' own. However, compared to the EQS SUV and EQB, the EQE SUV looks a little shorter, but also slightly sleeker in profile. 

The car has all the markings of an electric SUV, including the large faux grill, flush door handles, groves and channels for directing air, and a full-length rear light bar. The car is also rather low to the ground, but without sacrificing the high ride that SUVs are known for.

mercedes eqe suv

(Image credit: Mercedes)

Inside, the EQE SUV is still all-Mercedes, something that includes the optional Hyperscreen display that stretches across the entire dashboard. The Hyperscreen means the bulk of the car’s controls are done via touchscreen, though there are still physical buttons on and around the steering wheel, alongside the center console.

Materials-wise, Mercedes has stated that it’s using a mix of avant-garde and traditional materials for a “special atmosphere." A NEOTEX design promises to combine the look of nubuck leather and neoprene, though the car will also employ wood and aluminum.

Of course, SUVs are made to be spacious, especially on an electric drivetrain and the materials are supposed to emphasize that. There’s not much else to say here, other than the fact Mercedes does not appear to be changing a winning formula — so expect a very roomy drive whether you’re the driver or a passenger.

mercedes eqe suv

(Image credit: Mercedes)

As for cargo space, both the EQE SUV and AMG EQE SUV offer 18.4 cubic feet of trunk space, which expands to 59.2 feet when the rear seats are folded down. That’s not industry-leading by any means, but it’s a sizable amount of space. Sadly not as much as the EQS SUV, however, which offers over 70 cubic feet of space.

Mercedes doesn’t include frunks under the hood, and since there’s no mention of one it’s safe to say the EQE SUV will be following that trend.

Mercedes EQE SUV: Battery and range

mercedes eqe suv

(Image credit: Mercedes)

According to Mercedes, the standard model EQE SUV will offer a range of up to 342 miles, per the WLTP testing cycle. Provisional figures for the AMG model are understandably lower, estimating maximum range between 233 and 292 miles. Hopefully, it’s closer to the latter, or else that’s going to be a major disappointment.

Bear in mind these estimates come from the WLTP testing cycle, which is used in Europe and generally more liberal with range than the EPA testing cycle. So expect these figures to shrink, though we don’t know by how much until Mercedes makes it all official.

Mercedes hasn’t announced a lot of battery information for the standard EQE SUV, but we do have figures for the AMG model. That car has a 90.6 kWh battery, and both models are capable of handling up to 170 kW charging speeds. Which is honestly quite disappointing. 

It's not a bad charging speed by any means, but we expected more from a luxury automaker like Mercedes. Especially since there are several cars that employ an 800-volt charging architecture, and the accompanying 350kW charging speeds.

However, Mercedes is hyping the technology deployed in its new generation of batteries, which promise faster recharging times at DC rapid chargers. Apparently it’s possible for the EQE SUV to regain 100 miles of range in 15 minutes. That’s respectable, but we still wish we had faster overall charging speeds. Tesla’s slowest charging car, the Model Y, can plug into a Supercharger to reclaim up to 162 miles of range in the same amount of time.

AC charging tops out at 9.6kW for the AMG. Again that’s slower than some cars, but it should be more than enough to fully charge (or come close to it) with a home charger overnight. Mercedes hasn’t revealed any information to narrow that down.

Mercedes EQE SUV: Performance 

mercedes eqe suv

(Image credit: Mercedes)

We don’t have performance figures for the standard EQE SUV, but Mercedes has revealed what to expect from the performance-tuned AMG model. Which is where the real magic happens, thanks to a maximum output of 677 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque.

But you can only get it if you buy the AMG Dynamic Plus package, which offers a Boost function to the car’s “Race Start” mode. Otherwise, you’re limited to 617 horsepower and 701 lb-feet — though that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Naturally, this all comes out of a dual-motor AWD setup.

The Dynamic Plus package increases the top speed from 137 mph to 149 mph, and a 0-60 mph time of 3.4 seconds. So far Mercedes hasn’t revealed how fast the car can accelerate without that extra purchase. 

These figures also make the AMG EQE SUV one of the fastest electric cars, beating the Mercedes AMG EQS — which has a top speed of 137mph and a 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds.

Mercedes EQE SUV: Technology 

mercedes eqe suv

(Image credit: Mercedes)

In addition to the Hyperscreen, which is becoming a staple in the most expensive Mercedes EQ cars, the EQE SUV is packed with plenty more technology — the most notable of which is Apple spatial audio.

According to Mercedes this feature will be available in cars that include Dolby Atmos-powered Audio — something the EQE SUV will come with.  Apple’s spatial audio will only be available with Apple Music, and you’ll need an active subscription, but it means Mercedes is going to have some of the best sound on the market. 

The EQE SUV comes with the usual suite of driver safety features, including active steering assist, active lane change assist, autonomous emergency braking, evasive steering assist to avoid stray road users, blind spot assist and a new intersection start-off feature that uses arrows to show drivers where traffic is coming from at intersections.

Mercedes also includes “Pre-Safe” systems that are designed to anticipate impacts from the rear and side. These are all designed to prevent injury to the car’s occupants, tensing seatbelts, locking brakes and in some cases moving the occupants away from the impact site with air chambers.

Mercedes EQE SUV: Outlook 

mercedes eqe suv

(Image credit: Mercedes)

We’re still missing crucial details about the Mercedes EQE SUV, and that makes it hard to properly compare it to the likes of the EQS SUV or rival brands like Tesla or Jaguar. That said, it looks like Mercedes is sticking to the winning formula where electric cars are concerned. No matter what happens these cars will, first and foremost, be Mercedes. 

Whether the EQE SUV will have enough to break through is another matter. Especially with some disappointing specs, like relatively low charging speed. The SUV market in the U.S. is already crowded enough, and right now it doesn’t feel as though there’s enough to help the EQE SUV stand out on its own. But maybe our minds can be changed by a little more information, particularly the price.

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