Love Is Blind reunion: How to watch, couples updates and everything you need to know

Love Is Blind reunion
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Is ... love ... truly ... blind? The Love Is Blind reunion show continued to answer that and more, when it hit Netflix on March 5. 

The entire Love Is Blind cast came back for the reunion, including: Lauren and Cameron; Jessica and Mark; Amber and Barnett; Giannina and Damien; Kelly and Kenny; and Diamond and Carlton. The last couple broke up during their vacation in Mexico, so fans will finally get an update on what they've been up to since their relationship imploded. 

The Love Is Blind reunion will also take viewers behind the scenes to explain how the show was made. In media interviews, the producers and cast members have been doling out tantalizing tidbits on the making of Love Is Blind. So we have the answers to all your frequently asked questions about Love Is Blind.  

Love Is Blind reunion: How to watch

The Love Is Blind reunion will be released on Netflix at 3:01 a.m. ET on Thursday, March 5. 

In addition to streaming on Netflix, the reunion will also be available on Netflix's YouTube channel. 

Love Is Blind reunion: Who is attending?

All six couples who got engaged in the pods on Love Is Blind will be there. Here's who's who and the outcomes of their relationships:

Lauren and Cameron: They overcame concerns about being in a biracial relationship and even earned the approval of her intimidating father. They got married.

Jessica and Mark: She was hung up on his age (he was 24, she was 34) and also didn't seem to be completely over Barnett. They did not get married.

Amber and Barnett: He was a total f***boy in the pods, but in real life, was a fairly responsible, employed adult. She, meanwhile, had $20,000 in debt and no job. These hot messes got married.

Giannina and Damien: She was a hot-and-cold emotional roller coaster, he was an automaton that reminded us of Toby from The Office. They did not get married.

Kelly and Kenny: They seemed like a well-matched couple but out of nowhere, she admitted that she wasn't that attracted to him. Maybe we should've realized when they did not have sex. They did not get married.

Diamond and Carlton: They never even made it past Mexico. He confessed that he was bisexual; she was hurt that he kept such a huge detail a secret while they got engaged. They had a bitter fight and broke up. They did not get married.

Love Is Blind reunion: Will any of the couples who did not get married get back together?

Only two of the four Love Is Blind couples got married. Of the other four, Diamond and Carlton broke up early on, during the Mexico vacation, and are extremely unlikely to rekindle their relationship.

Jessica and Mark are also unlikely to continue dating, considering how lukewarm she was about him throughout the season.

Giannina and Damien may get back together. Even while he was telling her "I don't" at the altar (leading her to run away and fall down a hill), Damien said that he still loved her. According to Buzzfeed, Giannina's mother said in a now-deleted Instagram comment that the couple reconciled. 

As for Kelly and Kenny, we're rooting for them to figure this out and live happily ever after. But Twitter fans who undertook deep social media investigative work found very little to give us hope. First of all, it looks like Kenny lives in Charlotte, N.C. while Kelly lives in Atlanta. Second, if you look at the reunion image that Netflix tweeted out, their seats have plenty of space between them:

Love Is Blind reunion: Sneak peek clip

As Love Is Blind fans well know, in the pods, Jessica and Barnett connected in a major way. He even kinda sorta told her he might propose. When he took it back, she rejected him in return and ended up engaged to Mark. But when the couples all saw each other in Mexico and later their shared apartment complex, it was clear that Jessica still carried a torch (or at least a candle) or Barnett. 

She kept insisting -- to the cameras, to Barnett, to Amber -- that she didn't have feelings for him. But wethinks the lady doth protested too much. 

In this Love Is Blind reunion clip, Amber confronts Jessica about the whole messy situation:

Love Is Blind reunion: Will there be updates on the other people from the pods?

Did you know that there were actually eight engaged couples in total on Love Is Blind? Yes, there were two couples that the show didn't follow after the pod stage:

  • Rory (the guy who acted as a amateur therapist to several other male cast members) and Danielle (briefly seen in group scenes)
  • Westley (who opened up about his short height in the first episode) and Lexie (also briefly seen)

Both couples eventually broke up (and Danielle went on to date another cast member, Matt Smith, but they also split). 

Series creator Chris Coelen told ET Online that the show turned out to be more successful than the producers planned. "We literally just didn't feel like we had the bandwidth to be able to do justice to all of the stories. It was overwhelming in terms of the way that it worked so well for people," he said.

In addition to those unseen engaged couples, we're crossing our fingers to get a good update on LC. She was the other woman that Barnett was considering proposing to in the pods.

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