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Love is Blind wine glasses: Where to buy your own online

Love is Blind wine glasses
(Image credit: Netflix / Love Is Blind)

Can't stop thinking about the Love is Blind wine glasses? You know, the gold-ish metallic vessels holding the courage juice that helped the show's 10 cast members cope with engagements to people they met in isolated pods? 

These unmistakable wine glasses appeared everywhere the Love is Blind cast went. Whether the fiancés rendezvoused for group parties, retreated on romantic dates or split vino with their dogs (really, Jessica?), the couples always sported the exact same opaque, shiny cups that looked straight out of a Williams Sonoma catalog. 

While the appeal of sipping incessantly from those gorgeous wine glasses is almost enough to make me look at an application for Love is Blind season 2, I conducted a thorough internet search to see if I could drink like the cast without an impending, "I do."

A Love is Blind producer confirmed VonShef's Gold Wine Glasses on Amazon are the ones we're looking for. But to our dismay the shatterproof stainless steel glasses are sold out.

If you're like Mark and okay with the notion of backups, we found some Love is Blind wine glasses look-a-likes.

See all the Love is Blind wine glasses you can buy now.

Love is Blind wine glasses on Amazon

Copper Wine Glasses Stainless Steel 18 oz: $26.99 @ Amazon
This set is a tad darker than the Love is Blind wine glasses, but the copper is classier than Kenny's speech to his wedding-goers. Plus their shatterproof design makes them perfect for any environment.View Deal

Gold Stainless Steel Wine Glass: $21.99 @ Amazon
Drink out of this set of Love is Blind-like chalices for just $22. The gold matches the show's glasses the best, but there are a wide variety of metal finishes to choose from.View Deal

Etched Stainless Steel Wine Glasses 17 oz.: $35.99 @ Amazon
The intricate texture on these stainless steel glasses will catch eyes at any dinner party, given your guests aren't anxious sets of fiancés.
View Deal

Stemless Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers: $32.99 @ Amazon
Love is Blind had stemless glasses, too. This set comes with 4 glasses, lids, straws and a mixology e-book if you want to drink something other than wine.View Deal

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