Love Is Blind cast: Who got married in the finale?

Love Is Blind cast
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Is love truly blind? The Love Is Blind cast fell for each other, got engaged and had to decide whether to say “I do” within a matter of weeks. The Netflix dating show will released its finale episode, the wedding episode, on Feb. 27. And Netflix is getting all six engaged couples back together for a Love Is Blind reunion episode on March 5. 

So, which of the couples actually got married in the finale? Wondering where the Love Is Blind cast is now and if all the married couples are still together? We gathered all the intel we could find to figure out if the Love Is Blind cast members stayed married, continued dating or went their separate ways. And we're already eagerly awaiting Love Is Blind season 2.

What is Love Is Blind? 

If you’re not familiar with this insanely addictive guilty pleasure Netflix series, Love Is Blind is a dating reality series with a major twist. 15 men and 15 women joined the Love Is Blind cast and went through a speed dating process — but weren’t allowed to see each other. Instead, a man and woman would enter connected pods and talk to each other through a wall. 

Whenever they decided, a man could propose to a woman. If she accepted, they could finally meet face to face.

After that initial meeting, the six engaged couples jetted off to Mexico for a romantic vacation. Unbeknownst to them, they stayed at the same resort, so they were forced to meet some of the other people they had dated during their time in the pods.

Once the vacation was over, the couples moved into the same apartment complex. Each engaged couple got used to living with each other, met their partner’s family and friends and learned more information about their backgrounds and finances.

Then came the wedding day, when each couple would face each other at the altar and decide to get married to break up.

Love Is Blind cast: Who are they? 

The six engaged couples are:

  • Cameron and Lauren
  • Carlton and Diamond
  • Damian and Giannina
  • Kenny and Kelly
  • Mark and Jessica
  • Barnett and Amber

Which Love Is Blind couples got married and are they still together? 

Cameron and Lauren

Status: Married (and still together)

The couple captured viewers' hearts (including Shonda Rhimes) with their sweet, deep connection that thrived despite potential issues around being in an interracial relationship. 

Fans were so obsessed with Cameron and Lauren that they went full on Sherlock Holmes to figure out if they got married. Twitter user @scarolineadam did a deep dive on Cameron and Lauren’s Instagrams and came up with gold, like nearly-identical photos of a huge Christmas tree. And Lauren’s version of the picture included stockings with their names on them.

Another Twitter user, @AprilParsons1, found the Love Is Blind cast on Venmo and gleaned some interesting information — like the fact that Lauren and Cameron follow each other on the pay service.

All that intel proved to be true, since Cameron and Lauren said "I do" in the Love Is Blind finale. And even better, Lauren told the New York Post that they are still together now.

"We are [still together,] happily married, with a little fur-baby puppy,” she said."

Thank goodness they got their happily ever after. If they had broken up, we were ready to sue Netflix.

Barnett and Amber

Status: Married and still together

Barnett was widely considered a f***boy for his wishy-washy behavior in the pods, while Amber’s level of debt was eyebrow-raising. So, yeah, they’re a bit of a hot mess of a couple ... but they're a hot mess of a married couple!

Mega-fan Caroline also did some sleuthing on them and found photographic evidence that Matt Barnett and Amber are still together. The incriminating item? The same basic cowboy hat.

Their wedding in the Love Is Blind finale was a bit touch and go, with both Barnett and Amber seeming to get cold feet. But they made it to the altar and said "I do."

Mark and Jessica

Status: Not married

Viewers speculated from the start that Mark and Jessica wouldn't stay together, since she was so hung up on Mark’s age (he’s 24, she’s 34) and still hung up on her feelings for Barnett. Plus, the season preview for Love Is Blind showed a blond woman in a white dress running away — and it really looked like it could be Jessica.

Pre-finale investigations revealed Jessica and Mark weren't one of the couples that follow each other on Venmo. And while his Instagram photos are tagged with the location Atlanta, hers are tagged Chicago or California. 

In the finale, Jessica told Mark "I cannot" when it came time to say their vows. She felt they weren't ready and ran out of the room. 

But could they possibly still be dating? There’s this Instagram video from Lunar New Year in January 2020. Jessica is seen holding a lantern and a man’s voice encourages her to “release it.” That man sounds an awful lot like Mark.

Damian and Giannina 

Status: Not married

This hot-and-cold, argumentative couple were the first to make it to the altar. Gigi said “I do,” but last week’s episode ended with Damian seemingly struggling to respond. 

In the finale, Damian finally spoke and said "I do not." He felt like she lived on an emotional roller coaster. Enraged and embarrassed, Giannina ran away (so she is the blonde from the season preview). 

But could they still be dating? Despite rejecting her at the altar, Damian said he still loved Gigi and hoped they could continue seeing each other. There's evidence that Giannina gets over the finale fiasco -- they are one of the couples who follow each other on Venmo.

And there’s this Instagram photo of Giannina with an engagement ring:

And lastly, there’s this juxtaposition of images found by Twitter user @shannique_w, which show Damian and Giannina posing in front of the same skyline:

Kenny and Kelly

Status: Not married

As a couple, Kenny and Kelly flew under the radar since they exhibited no drama or bad behavior. Instead, they were sweet to one another, were clearly attracted to each other and considered themselves to be best friends. However, in the penultimate episode, Kelly admitted Kenny was not her usual physical type and she hesitated to have sex with him. 

In the Love Is Blind finale, Kelly told Kenny, "I absolutely adore you and love you. But I don’t.” She explained that she didn't feel as infatuated with him as her ex and left the room.

But there's still some hope for them. The good news is that they follow each other on Instagram and Venmo. The bad news is that it looks like Kenny lives, at least part-time, in Charlotte, NC, while Kelly is in Atlanta.

Carlton and Diamond

Status: Not married / broken up

The last engaged couple didn’t even make it past Mexico. When Carlton confessed his bisexuality to Diamond, she asked for time to reflect on his disclosure. The next day, they argued about his lack of honesty and her reaction to his bisexuality and ended their engagement.

Love Is Blind reunion special

All six couples (even Carlton and Diamond) will attend Netflix's Love Is Blind reunion special, which will be released March 5. We're crossing our fingers for a good update on Kenny and Kelly.

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