iPhone 15 upgrades just got tipped — Wi-Fi 6E, USB-C and more

iPhone 15 Pro render from 4RMD
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With iOS 17 expected to launch alongside the iPhone 15 range later this year, snippets of code have hinted at some possible big changes coming to the Apple's next wave of handsets.

Tipster LeaksApplePro has once again got their hands on some information about what they expect from Apple’s upcoming phone and the new OS (known internally as Dawn). Perhaps the most obvious visual difference is that their sources expect all models of the iPhone 15 to feature the Dynamic Island. This would be a change from the iPhone 14, where only the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have the feature. 

Another big difference will appear at the bottom of the iPhone 15. It's expected that the Lightning connector will be replaced with a USB-C port on all four models, but the cheapest options (the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus) will still send data at the same speed as the current iPhones. Only the Pro models will get speedier data transfer abilities.

iPhone photographers will also be excited to know these leaks suggest improved imaging software is on the cards for the Pro Max (possibly renamed as the iPhone 15 Ultra) and a bigger screen which would pair well with the rumored periscope camera.

As for iOS 17 itself, LeaksApplePro expects a focus on stability rather than new features. However, they do claim that the Apple Music app could receive an overhaul in terms of "navigation within the app,” as well as changes to the Mail, Fitness, and Wallet apps.  

Wi-Fi 6E could come to iPhone 15

iPhone 15 concept by 4RMD

(Image credit: 4RMD/YouTube)

LeaksApplePro is not the only source of iPhone 15 information that has us excited. Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Tom O’Malley shared a research note that Wi-Fi 6E could come to iPhone 15 (via MacRumors). 

There are no specifics around which of the iPhone models will get the upgrade in Curtis and O'Malley's analysis. But with the latest Mac Mini, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro models supporting the new Wi-Fi standard, it would make sense to get it on at least the Pro models, if not all of them. 

Unlike Wi-Fi 6 and earlier standards, Wi-Fi 6E offers a third frequency band for connections at 6GHz, alongside the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands available before. In practice, this means that it is faster, more reliable, and has lower latency than other connections.

With these supposed upgrades and the rumored titanium design of the iPhone 15 Ultra, this could be one of the most significant iPhone refreshes in several years.

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