Here's why you'll want Apple's new MagSafe wallet to go with your iPhone 13

Here's why you'll want Apple's new MagSafe wallet
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Update: Since MagSafe's debut we've seen a suite of accessories, including Razer's new and bizarre iPhone 13 MagSafe cooler.

You will soon be able to track the location of your MagSafe wallet, thanks to the Find My tracking feature that has just been added to the low-tech accessory. The announcement came during yesterday's Apple event, which saw the introduction of the iPhone 13 lineup, as well as the Apple Watch Series 7, 9th gen iPad and the iPad mini 6

According to Apple, "you can be notified of your wallet's last known location if it gets separated from your phone" through the Find My app. However, it's important to note that the newly updated Magsafe wallet doesn't support the same kind of precise tracking that you would get from the Apple AirTags.

So if your wallet's location is changed after it's been separated from your iPhone, it looks like the Find My app wouldn't be able to track it as it only marks the GPS location at the point of the de-attaching. 

Another curious factor is the fact that apparently, the Find My app doesn't recognize the Clear Case with MagSafe, and that's according to the fine print shown on the wallet's official product page. The reasoning behind that is unclear, though it's possible that the device has to recognize your MagSafe wallet by reading a special identification that allows your iPhone to recognize the accessory when it's disconnected. 

While some users could find this MagSafe wallet feature useful, it's also arguable whether it's more secure to carry around a physical wallet with an AirTag inside, as the location tracking would be more precise and accurate. 

Apart from updating the MagSafe wallets, Apple also rolled out a MagSafe accessories range in new colors to match the iPhone 13 and Pro models, all of which are now viewable on its official website.

Speaking of the new iPhones, if you want to read up on everything we know about the newly announced lineup, make sure to follow our iPhone 13 hub, where we've summarized all of the new specs and features seen in both the base and Pro models.

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