How to watch the Google Event: Live stream 'Launch Night In' right here

Google Pixel event
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It's now Google's turn to roll out new hardware. And judging by what the search giant has already hinted at in the invite for its 'Launch Night in with Google' event, there's a wide range of products about to emerge out of Mountain View.

The Pixel 5, which has been the source of many rumors building up to the usual fall release for Google's smartphone, figures to headline the event. But you can also expect the Google Pixel 4a 5G, as well as a new smart speaker and Chromecast device.

Our Google Pixel 5 event live blog can keep you up-to-date on all the news. But here's wheat we're expecting to see this afternoon along with instructions for streaming this online-only product launch.

How to watch Launch Night In with Google

Google announced earlier this month that it would hold a product event on September 30 at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT. The event is being called Launch Night In with Google, and it's the annual showcase of Made by Google hardware that the company introduces every fall.

Google has set up a web page for watching the event live stream. Visit the Launch Night In Sight and you can pass the time until the event kicks off by pounding out a tune on your keyboard; a helpful countdown counter will tell you how long you have to wait before the big show. 

The Made by Google YouTube channel also has a place-holder video, which will presumably give way to the live stream at 2 p.m. EDT on Wednesday.

What to expect at Launch Night In with Google

Google Pixel event

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There's not a lot of mystery as to the agenda for Google's Sept. 30 event. The company already announced what to expect when it issued invitations to the streaming event. Here's what Google told us to anticipate, along with a couple potential surprises.

Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G

The obvious headliner for Launch Night In with Google is the Google Pixel 5. The Pixel 5 could be quite different from previous models though, as Google looks to make its device stand out from the smartphone crowd.

Unlike past Pixels that have been powered by the top-of-the-line chipset from Qualcomm, the Pixel 5 will reportedly go with the less powerful Snapdragon 765G system-on-chip. That will deliver 5G connectivity to Google's phone lineup, but it won't pack the processing oomph to match — or even approach — what the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 flagships can do.

Is this the upcoming Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G?

The Pixel 5 (left) and Pixel 4a 5G (Image credit: Reddit)

Google could be making this and other tradeoffs with an eye toward keeping the price down on the Pixel 5. Reportedly, the phone will start at $699, which is $100 less than what the Pixel 4 cost at launch. Still, with phones like the Galaxy S20 FE and OnePlus 8 offering more impressive specs for the same money, Google will have to use its Launch Night In event to really make the case for the Pixel 5.

We're also expecting to see the Pixel 4a 5G, which as the name would imply is a budget 5G phone based on the Pixel 4a Google released in early August. With a rumored 6.2-inch screen, the Pixel 4a 5G will offer a bigger display than the Pixel 5, though the more expensive flagship will have a 90Hz refresh rate.

We've already been told what the Pixel 4a 5G will cost. When the Pixel 4a came out, Google said the 5G version was going to cost $499.

Google Chromecast with Google TV

Talk about removing all suspense. Google's promised update to its Chromecast streaming device is already out and available for sale from some retail locations.

Chromecast with Google TV Reddit leak

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Google Chromecast with Google TV features a new oval design and includes a remote control to make it easier to operate the streaming device. At $50, it costs less than the previous Chromecast model. As for the Google TV software, early glances suggest that Google is rebranding its Apple TV platform for use on the Chromecast.

Google Nest Audio 

The last item on Google's agenda is a smart speaker, and a series of leaks point to a device called the Google Nest Audio. We don't know much about its promised features, other than the fact that it's almost certain that Google Assistant will be on-board.

Google Nest Audio

(Image credit: Marcos Frausto/Twitter)

Leaked images show off a fabric-covered speaker that stands about 7 inches tall. Rumors suggest the Nest Audio will cost $100, though with Amazon rolling out new designs for its Echo speakers, you figure that Google will have to do more to make this device stand out.

Google Pixelbook possibilities 

Now we're out of the realm of what Google pre-announced and moving into pure speculation about possible products that could show up on Sept. 30. One possible product that's made appearances at past Google hardware events is the Pixelbook lineup. At last year's Made by Google event, in fact, Google introduced the Pixelbook Go, a lower-cost follow-up to the Pixelbook it showed off two years earlier.

While some people hold out hope for a Pixelbook 2, it seems unlikely to show up at the Launch Night In with Google event, as Pixelbooks appear to be on an every-other-year update schedule going by past releases.

New Pixel Buds?

Recent Google events have trotted out different accessories, mostly aimed at accompanying Google's new phones. It's possible we could see more of that this week, though the Pixel Buds 2 debuted back in the spring. It seems unlikely that Google would launch new wireless earbuds so close to the last one's release. Nevertheless, anything from cases to camera add-ons could get some attention as Google looks to build out its Pixel ecosystem.

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