Google Pixel Watch just tipped to make your life easier with Calendar and Gmail

Google Pixel Watch
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The Google Pixel Watch was been a surprise deal this holiday season. At one point we saw deals for $50 off on a smartwatch that is not even two months old. While those deals are now gone, we may be getting some additional features. 

A source has revealed to 9to5Google that Gmail and Google Calendar apps are likely coming to the Pixel Watch. This would be a step up from the current experience that uses an Agenda app for the calendar on the Pixel Watch and only provides Gmail access through notifications. The source has told 9to5Google that these new apps will provide full experiences for both productivity features, though nothing has been revealed yet regarding a user interface or functionality.

And there’s even better news — you don’t even need to have a Pixel Watch to get this upgrade. While the development of both apps is reportedly being done by Google with the Pixel Watch in mind, these are tipped to be Wear OS apps. This means if you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, which is currently our top Android smartwatch, you should also get this awesome productivity upgrade.

Google Pixel Watch: Current productivity shortcomings 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Google Pixel Watch

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Right now, the productivity experience on the Google Pixel Watch is a little flat. Currently, the only way to access emails is when they come in or in the main notifications feed. There’s no full email app, which is frankly a bit surprising. Not only does Apple have a full email client for its Apple Watch lineup, but there’s actually a full email app for Wear OS — it’s just not made by Google. Instead, it’s an Outlook app made by Microsoft.

Calendar functionality is another odd shortcoming because, again, Google’s competitors offer great solutions. Google uses an Agenda app and Google Assistant to handle all calendar workflows. Meanwhile, Samsung has a full calendar app for its Galaxy Watches, which can even integrate with your existing Google Calendars. It’s a big reason I use Samsung Calendar on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra rather than Google Calendar. 

Google Pixel Watch: One of the best Android smartwatches

Google Pixel Watch

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Despite the fact that there are some productivity shortcomings, the Google Pixel Watch is still a great watch. It has a clean, minimalist design and brings Fitbit fitness tracking to an optimized Wear OS experience. The battery life is probably the biggest knock against it — it struggles to last a day — but if you want the ultimate Google experience on your wrist, this is the watch for you.

While the Cyber Monday deals are over, there's still a chance that the Pixel Watch will go on sale in the future. If you don't want to pay full price, make sure to check out our best Pixel Watch deals so you can take advantage of the hours of research we do to ensure you buy at the best price. 

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