Google Pixel Fold is shockingly cheap if you trade in these phones

Google Pixel Fold
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If the newly announced Google Pixel Fold is tempting you to update your phone, you should know you'll have a much easier time preordering the Google Pixel Fold if you own a recent iPhone.

Google's being incredibly generous with the trade-in values for newer iPhone models if you buy through the Google Store (spotted by 9to5Google). If you offer Google an iPhone 14 Pro, or the previous year's iPhone 13 Pro Max, you'll get $900 in return, which is almost the full $999 value of the 14 Pro when new. 

Compare that to the $750 that Google would give for the Galaxy S22 Ultra (there's no option for the Galaxy S23 Ultra for some reason), or the pathetic $380 you'd get for trading in a Pixel 7 Pro. The only other device that'll net you the full $900 discount is a Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Three screenshots from the Google Pixel Fold pre-order page, showing the trade-in values for an iPhone 14 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 4

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So, if you're willing to trade in one of these high-value phones, you'll knock the Pixel Fold's $1,799 list price down to $899. Plus you'll still get a free Pixel Watch alongside it, adding even more value to the deal.

It's unfortunate that these trade-in values are only so high for the Pixel Fold though. You can't effectively buy a free Pixel 7 Pro by trading in an iPhone 14 Pro, for example, as that will only net you a $430 discount. Similarly, you won't get more than $500 back for any trade-in you make to get the new Pixel 7a.

Google tries to convert Samsung and Apple fans

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This could perhaps be that of all the big players in the smartphone world, Apple's one of the only companies to not have a foldable phone. We've heard rumors of the iPhone Flip for years now, but for the time being, there's no foldable iPhone. And perhaps it's this that Google's trying to take advantage of by offering iPhone users a tempting offer to switch to a brand that does offer a foldable.

Equally, in the U.S., Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold and Flip models are effectively the only choice for foldables right now, even though other countries like the U.K. have a wider selection. With Google now offering a fresh take on the foldable phone, maybe it also sees this as a prime opportunity to steal flexible phone fans who have until now settled with Samsung.

Google will officially launch the Pixel Fold on June 27th, though you can check out how to preorder the Google Pixel Fold if you're convinced already that this is the phone for you. For anyone on the fence, or just curious about how Google's tackled this new form factor, then have a read of our Pixel Fold hands-on review

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