Google Pixel 5 price just leaked — and it's surprisingly cheap

Google Pixel 5 design render
(Image credit: Sarang Sheth)

The Google Pixel 5 could be cheaper than the Pixel 4, according to a leak that has it tipped to cost €629. 

That price translates to £599 in the U.K., which is a good bit cheaper than the £669 price tag of the Pixel 4 when it launched last year. Given European nations apply VAT to their prices, it’s tricky to get an accurate U.S. price, but we could be looking at the Pixel 5 costing $699 in the U.S. rather than the $799 price of the Pixel 4. 

The leak comes courtesy of a tip sent to German tech blog TechnikNewsNET from YouTuber Techcheck. It’s tricky to ascertain how legitimate the leak is, but the pricing has a whiff of accuracy about it.

That’s because all of the rumors so far point to the Pixel 5 having a mid-range Snapdragon 756G chipset instead of a flagship Snapdragon 8-series chip that the Pixel 4 came with. We’re also expecting the Pixel 5 to focus on key phone specs such as a strong dual or triple rear-camera array and a 90Hz or 120Hz refresh-rate display and 5G connectivity, rather than Soli radar chips or squeezable sides that previous Pixel phones came with. 

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In some ways, Google could be looking back on its past work with its Nexus phones, which brought in Google's best take on Android in a hardware package that was impressive if not quite flagship-grade. Nexus devices were keenly-priced and had the right balance of specs to make them appeal to people who wanted pure Android phones. 

That being said, the Pixel 4a offers a neat design, decent performance, and very impressive phone photography results for a $349 handset. So Google already has its spiritual successor to the Nexus phones. And a 5G version of the Pixel 4a is also on it’s way, potentially in an XL format. 

Speaking of which, the leak has the Pixel 4a 5G tipped to cost €499. Google has already announced that the Pixel 4a 5G will cost $499, so the Euro price seems legit. 

It’s looking likely that both the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G will launch some time in October. That should put them in the same release window as the likes of the iPhone 12 and rumored OnePlus 8T, meaning the fall will have a lot of smartphones doing battle for your attention. 

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